Check DVD-RW Disk Integrity


I use DVD-RW’s to record various TV shows, watch the shows, and re-use the DVD-RW’s. I think a few of my disks are nearing the end of their life (video disturbances, glitches, hangups, etc…) Before I throw them away, does anyone know of a DVD-RW tester program that will tell me for sure that they aren’t worth keeping? I’ve looked at the DVD Speed, and Drive Speed Programs, but I don’t think they do what I want…

//Captain Jerry/

I was going to suggest CD-DVD Speed, that’s the only one I can think of.

If you have a BenQ drive I think you can use QScan to check the disc prior to burning.

I was also thinking of CD-DVD Speed, which has a burn quality scanner and a scan disk feature that checks sector and data integrity.

With my DVD-RW’s, I like to do a FULL-ON format of the media every now and then (not a quick format), just out of habit I guess. I use IMGBURN to do that now, usually, as that seems to do a great job with disks so they can be read by both the MAC and PC no sweat. It’s free too.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses… I’ll try a Full Reformat of one that’s showing the most flaws. I usually just use the “Erase” function on my DVR, which goes pretty fast, so I assume it’s just clearing the FAT (or however they’re laid out!) And I’ll play with DVD-Speed, comparing results to a new disk.