Check DVD Discs

Is there any way how can i check that a dvd was burned well without playing it and seeing it ? because sometimes i just manage to back up a dvd but then freeze in some parts when played ona dvd player

Sounds like a burner issue!

We need more information to help you. What media are you using? What type of burner are you using etc. What speed are you burning the discs at?:confused:

Most of these problems can be avoided by using quality media and not burning at the maximum speed of your burner. Updating your firmware is also important for good, consistent burns.

If you are concerned with a particular dvd you’ve made, you might run it through the read checking test in DVDInfoPro. I would expect a burned dvd that passes that test routine 100% should play reliably, assuming you don’t have some sort of incompatibility going on between the media you are using and your standalone dvd player.