Does anyone know where i can find RCT2 cheats!?

Rename a guest with the name as noted below to get the desired result.

Chris Sawyer – Will take pictures of your rides
Simon Foster – Will paint pictures of your rides
Melanie Warn – Increases the guest to completely happy
Katie Brayshaw – Will wave to everyone she meets
John Wardley – Says “Wow!” when he sees (or is on) a good coaster
Damon Hill – Races around twice as fast on the Go Karts
Michael Schumacher – Works the same as Damon Hill, but a little faster (and NO you can’t race Damon and Michael!)
Mr Bean – Will drive VERY slowly on the Go Karts

THX very mutch

Gee MrB, I never realized what a RCT2 player you were.

but he helped me!!!