Cheapest way to get Nero

My computer came with Roxio, but I’ve been wanting to toy around with Nero. What is the least expensive way to get that software aside from the free demo period version? Do some DVD burners come with a decent copy? Seeing as how some drives are priced less than Nero by itself, it’d be cool to get a drive with Nero. That way I’d end up with an inexpensive version of Nero and an extra DVD burner! Other ideas?

Yeah, if you buy a DVD or CD burner as a Retail package, you should get a copy of Nero, along with other bits such as cables, manual, and sometimes mounting screws.

The downside to this is that the included version of Nero will be an OEM one, which will only work with the drive it’s supplied with.

And it will usually also have reduced functionality.

The exception IIRC was the Nero that was bundled with my Plextor PX-712A drive, but that was two years ago and it was the most expensive drive on the market.
EDIT: Actualy it wasn’t an exception, because it didn’t include NeroVision Express.
Some OEM version come with Nero Express instead of Nero Burning ROM, and all of them come with some applications from the Ultra or Premium Suite missing (e.g. NeroVision Express).

These days I don’t think you will get a full Nero version bundled with any DVD burner.
With a Blue-ray or HD DVD burner maybe, but that’s not a cheap way to get Nero. :wink:

That’s right Drage :iagree: - thinking about it now, the version I got the other day with my newest toy came with Nero Express.

If you can hold off until Black Friday sales, i.e., day after Thanksgiving, you might get the full version cheap. In 2005, Best Buy had it for $20 after $50 rebate. In 2004 Fry’s had it (v. 6 at the time) for $15 after $50 rebate. These were full versions.
I also got Roxio with my burner, but I never bothered installing it, opting to buy the full version of Nero instead.
The crippled Nero that comes with burners is just that–good for toying around (imho) :slight_smile: .

Look into the following for the specials: