Cheapest Verbatim DVD's in UK?

Hi guys,

Quick question for you all.

I see that Verbatim seems to have the best reputation as blank media around here so that must be for good reason… As such I want to buy a load to replace my current bunch of Datawrite Titanium’s.

I live in the UK so obviously the discs need to come from a UK shop.

I am after Single Layer DVD+R’s and some Dual Layer DVD+R’s. Like I said, I want Verbatim discs.

I would like to find the cheapest possible but still from a reuptable online retailer.

So far I have found the following. (Please note any postage costs as well!)

Verbatim 43667 8x Dual Layer DVD+R (25 Tub)

Verbatim 43551 16x DVD+R (100 Tub)

Can you guys find better?



try svp good prices all of the time,staples or maplins when offers are on .The last two sometimes have bogoffs,so keep em peeled…

Such as …


Anyway, PLAY.COM is about the best consistently cheap site I’ve found for media. No delivery charges on anything they sell too, which is nice for smaller orders …

Should add to that (in case you should be tempted …), the cheapest branded 100pk (Maxell +R , currently £12.99) on is RITEK F16 001 (code : VR5F16) “Made in Taiwan”