Cheapest TY in the uk?



hi, what’s the best online store for TY in the uk? with good delivery charges/time

also what’s the best “tuff” media, as in can take some abuse? for archiving photo’s, important data etc?

thanks in advance!


Here’s a good thread to have a read through

SVP has some cheep Verbatim’s (last post)

Stick with TY or MCC (Verbs) media for your important stuff


you guys read my mind - Last night i stumbled on Verbatim -R 8x with TYG02 codes from my usual (reputable) supplier ( -


{DV 3309} Verbatim (Taiyo Yuden) 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25
Verbatim have entrusted the manufacture of the disc to the world renowned Taiyo Yuden factory.

mid code : TYG02

SVP Price: £6.49 / Euro 9.55 inc VAT.
Equivalent Retail Price Per Disc: 26.0p


For 1 cakebox delivered is £10, so your better ordering more.


naw, shipping at svp is £4.49 for up to 10kg, so i always make sure to buy enough tubs to justify the £4.49 :smiley:


£10.00 !!!

What country are you in?

We can send up to 35 packs of 25 anywhere in the UK on a next day delivery for £4.99 + VAT.

The goods are a stunning price and delivery is our normal rate. This must be the best TY deal so far this year!



Well, best I could find, also good price for 16x vertabrim silver top mcc, ordered 75 ty’s and 50 mcc’s from svp last night, £40 inc shipping and If i’m right shipping is free if you spend over £70, can’t fault it, nice one! :bow:


Very good price wish they were printable though but i still might buy a few packs…



If you read my post correctly, for 1 cakebox of 25 disc’s delivered is £10, I just rechecked (I live in Scotland), . My advice was to buy more media to compensate the P&P.


ah, i’d misread the word ‘delivered’.

i would never buy just one tub, i usually only order minimum of 100 to absorb the shipping (with any company).

Have just ordered another 400 +R of these Verb TY’s (100 are for a colleague).

it just means i can’t buy any more for many months :disagree:


Apologies :o

I thought you were saying our shipping was expensive (which it isn’t)

Must be less sensitive and must read the posts more carefully before replying :slight_smile:

Buying small quantities of something by mailorder is always tricky. You gain in terms of convenience by having goods brought to your door, but if you only buy small quantities you may not be saving money.
To get value from any mail order company you need to buy enough to dilute the cost of shipping costs.



:iagree: agreed


just thought I’d let those know who havn’t used svp before (I hadn’t) my shipment arrived bang on time very very well packed (really nice to see), and the product, 1st class, just as it says on the tin.

Thanks for a smooth transaction svp, will use again. :clap:


@jmpmjmpm - you’re psychic and have saved me going to look for the url for this thread as i wanted to reply as i’ve just got home from work to find my first 100 Verb TY have arrived.

@svpcomm - prompt (actually i’m sure they’re early!) delivery as ever. There’s a (positive) first for me re Verbs - the tubs say ‘Made in Japan’, opened one of the tubs to see discs with ‘GG******’ on the inner hub - fantastic. am still looking forward to today’s purchase of the other 400 Verb TY’s. :bigsmile:


first one of these Verb TY discs burnt - what a KProbe scan !


first of all if you get any high spikes like that right click on the graph and select remove spike, also what drive was it written in and at what speed?


the image looks kinda blurry and no wonder its a jpg , save as png next time it have much better quality (click the blue floppy button up on the right for that)


verb tyg02, pioneer dvr-110d f/w 1.17 burned @ 12x


^Looks like a spot of dust on the disc.


sorry guys, i know my scan above is blurry, i had to squash it to fit on page on afterdawn and i squashed it too much. there’s no errors there even though it looks like there’s 11 errors from the pic, even so i don’t hold too much faith in PIF scanning alone, i would have more confidence in a CRC scan myself…i only do these PIF scans as a token test of discs…

@Mr. Brownstone -

what drive was it written in and at what speed?

  • Sony DRU-700A, and i only ever burn at 4x