Cheapest source for Hard Drives?

I need to buy a couple drives, some internal and some external. Can anyone suggest or is there a concensus within the group of the best online retailer for drives?

Looking for 1TB drives to 2 TB drives


Good luck on the 2TB they just started coming out and your can expect to look at 300 range for them for now. And 1TB make sure you get a reliable units. For what your doing it would help to know where you from what Region would help those from that area to help you look for the drives you want???


That would make sense. I’m in N. Georgia, US.

I’ve seen several ads of white label drives that are said to be made by Western Digital but they only have a 1 year warranty.

WD drives give 3 and 5 years.


stay clear from “white label” stuff. You want reliablity. I think, WD isn’t a bad idea at all. And don’t chose just the cheapest dealer, but one with good reputation, existing customer service and product handling experience (HDDs are delicate products, so they must be packaged properly before shipping).

Michael and Newegg. :iagree:

[QUOTE=Thunderbolt69;2219595] and Newegg. :iagree:[/QUOTE]

I would say go Newegg then Amazon…Those two have customer reviews and different payment methods. I like it being able to at least read the customer reviews those help to make better shopping decision. Also if you wanting to go really cheap… look at

There you will find the cheapest price for the product or off product but you take chances whether the seller is reputable or not. If you go there make sure you check the BBB on the seller before buying and email the seller or call them the check on the product.

stay clear from “white label” stuff. You want reliablity. I think, WD isn’t a bad idea at all.


So true Michael but as they say you get what you buy or buy cheap and you get cheap. So before buying do a little homework at least then you know what your buying. WD has been a good drive for me so far. I have multiple IDE drives and they are still running. It’s been over 8 years of more and my IDE drives are still running and working. Only my 232G drive is 2 years or so old. My next will either be a 1TB WD or 2TB WD if the price is right.

I would say Amazon.

That’s where I bought my WD 1TB E HD about 1 year ago & I have about 30 GB of music on it & never has given me any trouble.:wink:

I forgot how much I paid but I don’t buy anything unless it’s a good brand & price.:bigsmile: