Cheapest shop for 812S or 832S in Germany?

Some of you might know that my crappy 811S has a sucking read error in KProbe scans which produces many high spikes in them. I´m now thinking of buying a 812S or even 832S (BTW, which of the two should I choose?), which ought to be much better readers and burners. But i need the cheapest place to get the drive in Germany. The cheapest price i found for the 812S is 76,49€, and for the 832S 75,30€. But i think it could be cheaper. eBay prices are about the same. Any help with my searching is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :wink:

If you want the drive cheep, you can take a Speer LDR8844, which should be a OEM Liteon 812 drive. Speer is located in Viersen, Germany. You can often find Speer drives in local german supermarkets. You should verify that it really is a 812 using the contact address here:

Here are some other links:

Thanks for your effort ala42! But how exactly can i verify that it really is a 812S? Maby somebody can confirm it…

Call them on their technical hotline, on the first link I have posted.

To make it more interesting for the customer, Speer uses two names for the drive: LDR 8844 and DRW-2S81 :). The drive was tested here,
you can see the box here The Speer drive does not have a line out at the front.

well, in Dresden there are some shops, like Winner Computer, Cyberport and M&M, but you could try or and look up some shops. I think MediaMarkt wants 89Euros for the 832s, a computer store isn’t much cheaper…

K&M Elektronik has an 812S as a kit for under 70 euros. But you’d have to find it in one of their shops (it’s out of stock in their mail order center).


Thanks so far! I´ll do some searching for myself now.

Schau mal zu:

Da kostet der LiteOn SOHW-1213 12x/8x DVDñR Retail 75,00 €
und der LiteOn SOHW-1633 16x/8x DVDñR Retail 92,00 €

Preisliste gibts da: :iagree: :iagree:

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