Cheapest Price for -R TYG02 in 44 cents per dvd

Canada computers has these unbranded 25 pack spindles on for sale at $11.00. They are advertised as 8X-R media. These are inkjet printable dvds. I bought a couple of packs and when I got home to my surprise they turned out to be TYG02s. These dvds burn at 16x in my BenQ with very high quality results. I haven’t seen a lower price for this media in Canada yet.

I guess this isn’t an online store of any sort that you can order them online and get them shipped to the US? :slight_smile:

Braxas, in the US, take current CompUSA add, go to bestbuy and take TDK 100pack 8x with TY cake box (made in Japan) and price match it for $29.99 100pack of TY T02. :smiley:

They have a site but i don’t think you can order from there directly, they have retail outlets in Toronto and Waterloo area in Ontario, Canada.

Are these real TY discs or discs just using the TY media code for burner compatibility purposes like the many other fake TY’s?

Zevia… I think I saw those TDK discs today at BestBuy. Anything else to look for? Just don’t want to get home and realize I didn’t get TY. I’ve got tons of Fuji TY02, but the Fuji -R discs are always sold out. I didn’t know these TDK’s were TY.

Hitman, are you looking for TY G02 (-Rs)? I don’t see any TDK TYGO2 100pack in bestbuy, only TYT02 (+Rs).

100 pack?? I’m not looking for a 100pack. I’m asking if the TDK -R 8X discs that are “made in japan” are TY.

BTW, I do have a 100 pack of Fuji DVD+R TY T02 that I purchased from NewEgg.

Waste of time. does not sell TY. They sell Sonic.
Known to be “above average” fake. (see thread in media forum, page 3)
I do not recommend them.
TY does not manufacture dvds for Sonic.