CHEAPEST player that plays MPEG-4, Divx, and Xvid

Hello all. I haven’t posted, or read this site in almost a YEAR. It’s good to be back on here. I’m in new standings for a low priced DVD player. I know that thngs have advanced tremendously in the past year regarding players and what they can play. The last player I bought was a Apex AD-1200. That shows you how long it’s been since I’ve been shopping for a player. I’m ready to give this Apex away to my friend’s kid, and I want a new player for myself. I hear that they have players that can play MPEG, Divx, AND Xvid files, as well as the standard DVD +/-R and +/-RW discs, all for UNDER 100 bux. What is the LOWEST PRICED player that you can all recommend that will play all that? I have no problem ordering online, as long as the price is good. ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Philips DVP642

Liteon LVW-1105HC. Office Max had it on Black Friday for $ 99.99 before $ 30 mail in rebate. Don’t know if they normally stock it or if it was a special purchase. Records to +/- DVD R/RW with AC3 audio and plays MPEG4 files (it could play a couple of xvid files my Philips 642 wouldn’t handle). Drawbacks are no front panel display, no S-Video in or out and only coaxial digital out. After rebate, it will be about the same price as my DVP642 was last year.