Cheapest internal blu-ray drive

What’s the cheapest internal blu-ray for a pc?

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The cheapest will cost you around £499, if you’re willing to pay that much.

If you ask me. you should be paying that kind of money for a new PC. If you have to pay that kind of money for just the drive then it’s not worth it if you ask me. :disagree:

Yep,your right.That’s why I won’t be buying a blu-ray drive.

£499 (GBP) = US$1,000, too bad for you in the UK, in the US we can find many below US$500. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheapest is the Pioneer BDC 202, its a bluRay reader combined with a dvd burner, aka combo drive.

Nice find chef,

US$270++ Pioneer BDC-202 5x Blu-ray reader

There is also a BDC-S version (actually 2), but I don’t know the real difference yet. Maybe [B]bulk vs. retail[/B], because they all have DVD-RAM write support according to the info.

The BDC-202 starts at €210 here in Germany.

BDC-S02 (retail?) :

BDC-202 (bulk?) :

The Lite-On LH2B1S is now onsale at COMPUSA for $299

Also posted here:

Wow, that is a great deal!!!
This drive cost €560 here in Germany. :eek:

Anyone ordered this from Compusa from outside the states yet??

chef, whats cooking??
I dont know if CompUSA will ship internationally but they are a trust worthy retailer. If they do ship outside of the US, then you shouldn’t worry

They do according to their policies. :smiley:

Thanks for your info!!

chef, did you try to order one?? just curious, how much is the shipping to your country?? » Product Details

[B]No product found matching your query.[/B]

I had the hope to recieve an answer mail, but now…

€299 surely was a too-good price… SOLD OUT.