Cheapest DVD+R DL Drive

Impress reported about the availability of Teac DV-58E for under 7,000 Yen, cheaper than NEC ND-2510A available for US$68 in Malaysia.

The DV-58E can write only to DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-R, and CD-RW, and not to DVD-R, DVD-R, and DVD-RW, but it still does DVD+R DL at 2.4x making it the cheapest possible DVD+R DL burner in the world.

Who manufacturers that drive?
Can it be hacked for DVD-R capability?

32x CD-recording speeds. Probably a NEC with firmware modified to have -R stripped away. Like the NEC 2100A or the LiteOn 802S.

No it’s not a NEC. I’ve heard rumors it’s manufactured by BenQ but it’s obviously not a complete rebadge of any DW8**A drive so I’m not sure. It would be interesting to know what chipset it’s based on.

I tried to find what the drive was based on. database didn’t have the information either.

BenQ DW822A oem $78CDN in Vancouver. This is the cheapest DVD+R DL by far here. NEC ND-2510A, LiteOn SOHW-832S and LG GSA-4120B just begining to be stocked in the local stores, but $50 to $75 more expensive.

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How much is $78 CDN? I check international currency rates everytime I log in here for obvious reasons but wasn’t $78 CDN lower than $70 US?

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How much is $78 CDN? I check international currency rates everytime I log in here for obvious reasons but wasn’t $78 CDN lower than $70 US?

1 CAD = 0.741992 USD, so $78CDN is $58 US

We get some good hardware deals here in Vancouver.

Since 6,666 Japanese Yen is about 61.7508 USD by calculation here, your price seems even lower though not by very much. :slight_smile:

Philips has met a nice partner indeed.

I Just picked up a BenQ DW822A (OEM) for $74CDN (~$55US)

Came with Sonic RecordNow!, Sonic DLA, InterVideo WinCinema & WinDVD

Here is a Japanese review of the TEAC DV-W58E. The drive seems to be TEAC’s own design and it’s based on the same Sanyo chipset as for example the Plextor PX-708A uses.

This gets stranger and stranger. Someone posted here about how he thinks it’s a BenQ. But things just aren’t adding up, as BenQ’s CD speeds aren’t 32x…

BenQ might handle the manufacturing as it’s made in Malaysia just like BenQ’s drives and I think I read an article some time ago that claimed BenQ manufactured DVD writers for TEAC.
But I doubt BenQ has anything to do with the R&D of the drive though as it has nothing in common with BenQ’s own drives so I think it’s developed by TEAC. The none-DL version of the DV-W58E was also shipped with Dell PC’s and companies like Dell usually buy the drives from the original maker.

Still 6,666 Yen for Teac DV-58E, but a lowered price for GSA-4120B bulk is now under 10,000 Yen.

The Firmware D.0C looks not like a typical Teac-FW (like 1.0a, 2.0d), but not as a Benq 8xx-FW (B2F7).

Something’s wrong with the link now. Maybe the product is discontinued or otu of stock.


GSA-4120B’s clearly cheaper than NEC ND-2510A and cheaper than Lite-On SOHW-832S.

There are two DL drives cheaper than GSA-4120B though. Teac DV-W58E and NEC ND-2500A+ are cheapest DL drives yet.

FYI currently the benq822a is not dual layer…and if im not mistaken isnt there a charge to update it to be?

No the update will be free.

Picture from Impress.