Cheapest drive that can use WSES?

This may be sacrilege here, but I don’t want a Lite-On for burning. I just need a drive (hell, it doesn’t even need to be a burner) that I can use WSES with for examining C1 errors.

What’s the cheapest drive out there that will use this program?

And if I decide to go expensive, does it only work with series 5 Mediatek chipset Lite-On’s or do the new 6 series (52X burner) work too?


As far as I know WSES is designed to work with MediaTek Chipset Optical Drives.

WSES also works with ASUS burners.

Well, I think MediaTek manufacturers only CD/DVD Burner Chipsets & no only CD/DVD-ROM chipsets.

Maybe the Lite-On CD/DVD-ROM drives have Mediatek Chipset.

Well, as far as your expensive way is concerned:

WSES works with both series chipsets.