Cheapest cd's on the net

The Replicator is right.

I do think “big” know things better. Have more CDz and tell fucked up stories (like this) to small dealer.

KobuZ please change your name, buy around 100 CDz (buy them @ my crew ) and come back. Then you ask normal prices. (what is normal?? f 100.00 hehe… lamaar) Now everybody is pissed on you and you won’t get any costumers (I think…)

Cartman_cdz is also right. This topic is FUNNY I also think Ilanz is right. furthermore is SILVER CB also right.

Mmm… The only person that isn’t right is Koby hehe…

All Right. --==** S O R R Y **==–


PS: Special SALE: 100 CDz, for ONLY f 250.00 BE QUICK… hehe… NOW I"M THE CHEAPEST

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Kobuz:
[b]Know what you all are? Fucking jealous. I can sell my cd’s 4 5 guilders, and you sell them for 15 guilders, so what. That’s my fucking bussiness, not yours.

And about the vcd part, ok, it’s not much, but that’s 'cous I’m not really looking for vcd, one @ a time’s fine 4 me…

So shut the fuck up y’all

{and I’m fucking older than 13}[/b]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

SORRY… ehh… but how old are you???

Kobus is right,

If he wants to sell cd’s for FL5,- a piece it’s his business. If customers think they’re gonna get good service fot this they’d have to be pretty stupid.

I think other dealers shouldn’t have a problem, people who buy from this guy probably aren’t gonna buy from a real dealer anyway.

Anyway, that’s my $0,02

maybe I am stupid (I’m… I know)
but what the heck do you mean with that.


I really don’t get it (for a long time…)


My $0,02 = My 2 cents…