Cheapest cd's on the net


Cdrom/Audio/Vcd: Fl. 5
PSX: Fl. 7,50

Don’t believe it? Check out

And if you didn’t found what you were looking 4: in about 1 week there will be updates DAILY!

Sorry, I forgot: we’ve also got Twilights!

reply to yourselfs is lame there is a edit button …

Okay, sorry man

If you have such low prices… you don’t make profit… so what the FUCK are you doing???
stay-out pricing (or don’t you get economics)


i don’t know what this guy wants with these prices… 5 guilders per cd… sounds a bit strange to me…

it’s fucking up the market i guess…

thanks… cya.

I think he’s thinking of the following idee:
1 buy 1 for 7.50 and of that a make 10 copie which i sell for 5 about 2.50 profit.

But i think he’s crazy

Yeah Kobuz,

first you need more than three VCD’s if you wan’t to deal on the internet…

and second, are you a tramp or something, you make 2,5 profit pro cd, so if you sell 10 cd’s you earning 25 guilders
Are you crazy?!?!?

Somebody is jalous?

give him the benefit of the doubt.

Yo Ruff-Next_Gangsta be honest…
You’re are NOT normal if you ask f 5.00 for one CD… Right Or Not… (Hot or Not?
Okay. If he sale 100 CDz in one month, he make f 2.50 * 100 = f 250.00. When I do the same, I earn A LOT more… Sorry… but this is just a 13 year old guy that want to be kewl with his friends. (Yo… I’ve got my own page, i’m a dealer, can’t you see! I’ve got three VCDz… Yeah, I’m kewl. Yo… kewl yo… ne1 listing???)
hehe… sorry… Holland just won… I"M HAPPY

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“I’ve got a homepage, i’m fucking up the market! I’m HELLA CoOl!”

Know what you all are? Fucking jealous. I can sell my cd’s 4 5 guilders, and you sell them for 15 guilders, so what. That’s my fucking bussiness, not yours.

And about the vcd part, ok, it’s not much, but that’s 'cous I’m not really looking for vcd, one @ a time’s fine 4 me…

So shut the fuck up y’all

{and I’m fucking older than 13}

yo and the send cost are (zeker)
Hfl 20,-

Me im stupid

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You´re the “mäännn” - he´s very cool .
In german we say : he is a “coole Brick” .

Hey men,

Relax dudes, its his own right to sell his cd’s very cheap below the normal price… not?? And well if the get an order of 40+ cd’s is also takes him 4 weeks to deleiver but he doesn’t care, does he??.. ? And with his amount of available titles you don’t have anything to fear…
We notice however that these little and mostly uncarefull small dealers make it easy for the BSA/LAW to track these people, and how do they react is there’s a cop in front of his hous with a fine of 10,000? (with adresses of his supplier or customers). I think bigger dealers who are dealing a long time give more security that they have their things safe!

Oh… hell I’m going to watch the Euro 2000 games… let’s go Holland!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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He guys,

Englisch please!!
this topic is fun, so it has to be open

Sorry dudes… I was in a dutch mood … hehe :wink: