Cheaper/Good ink for Epson R200

I’ve got an Epson R200 that I use to print CDs, and I’ve been biting the bullet on epson brand ink. I’d like to change to a different ink just so that my wallet doesn’t hurt as much, but I don’t want to see a large drop in quality. Does anybody have any recommendations, or any opinions on if the image quality will drop with different inks?

123inkjets seems enticing b/c theyve got a 28% off coupon (28MAY2006), bringing the total to 35ish for all 6 colors, plus 2 extra blacks. I have no idea about the quality of it though.

newegg has Welprint inks for $20 for the set. Great price, but it makes me doubt the quality. Opinions?

Also I saw in another thread something about a continuous ink system, any opinions on that, and any links on where to get it? Edit: I found it at bigpockets , but thats a UK site and I’m in the US.


Stealth edit: if this is the wrong forum, let me know. It seemed most appropriate here b/c this is where I originally got info about the R200 when I wanted to buy it.

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Highly recommend using only Formulabs inks, which can be found at If you don’t want to re-fill yourself, you’re stuck with compatables and you never know for sure what ink is in them. Although, will usually be able to tell you if you ask. Either way, alotofthings is about the best place to buy.

Just to mention that you can certainly trust [B]CDan [/B]on this, he knows this stuff pretty well :slight_smile:

I think I’ll probably go toward the refilling option. A couple things though…

  1. Is there a guide you recommend? Alotofthings seems to have a couple good articles, but their layout is poor and I don’t want to miss something crucial.

  2. The cartridges for the Epson R200 have the chip thing on them. Is this what I need to reset them?

Edit: Upon further exploration of alotofthings, do you recommend getting the self-resetting “virgin” cartridges with the refill kits? I’m looking at the “24oz 6-Color Refill Kit - with 6 pack virgin refillable cartridges w/self resetting chips” for $72.95. An article explaining these virgin cartridges is here:

Oh yeah, any coupons for this place?

Thanks for the help thus far.

Having an EPSON R200 myself here is my 2cents.

First of all I don’t work for EPSON :slight_smile: Second of all I would usually recommend using original inks :smiley: Now that we got this out of the way I think you shuold be very careful with third party inks…A lot of them are crap! Having done many tests I have chosen the Jettec inks (the EPSON formulation inks). IMO, they are high quality inks and are the closest match to my original EPSON inks, in fact most people will never tell the difference…in fact in some cases they are better. With other generic ink kits you WILL notice the difference (example: greenish tint in yellows, etc…) Q-ink is a good example of ink to avoid in that respect…despite their claim of being quality…

I have NEVER had problems with the JETTEC INK for my EPSON - It is dye based and has not clogged my heads once. The wrong ink formulation will cause frequent clogging. The only time I have gotten missing lines in the nozzle test was due to air trapped between the outlet and the head, easil resolved with a cleaning cycle or two, but after which I would go through the entire cartridge with perfect nozzles.

I buy the 5 colour jettec refill kit for EPSON.

  1. NEVER attempt to refill your original EPSON cartridges - they are a pain in the arse. Since the filling area is below the cartridge you need to make sure to properly seal the hole with a plug… Also, the cartridge for your EPSON is spongless and pressurised… Its complex design makes it impossible to refill it completly…You will only be able to fill around 5ml… (There ARE tricks to fill it completly, but it is very messy :D)

I have ever since thrown those out and purchased empty refillable carts which are EASIER to refill, and have the filling hole ON TOP of the cartridge along with a rubber plug to seal the hole… MUCH easier to refill and they take a complete refill ! I have purchased those through (note: do not get the pre-filled carts as they use generic inks… get the EMPTY cartridges). I use 1 for each colour, combined with the JETTEC 5 colour refill kit.

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I too have used JETTEC carts and found no probs with them in the UK.

I use the following system and find it best compared to others. I have also bought one for a canon from him that did have a bad cartiridge and he replaced the whole cartiridge set with a newer model. The Epson comes with 3 grades of ink with this one being the best for my needs:

Shipping appears high but it comes in about 3 days FedX.