Cheaper dvd lab?

hi lads,
want to put 2 shrinked dvds on 1 disc and make a menu for there a simple and cheaper tool then dvd lab to do this.will dvd remake pro make a menu or will it only let me change a menu allready on the disc.
any hints please :bow:

If you can stand the periodic internet checkup to see if you are a thief, you could try TMPGenc Author 2.0. It is considerably less expensive than DVDLab Pro. Or you could try Ulead Movie Factory 5.

Another possibility would be Womble Mpeg Wizard DVD. It contains an mpeg editing function, AC3 encoding as well as the authoring capabilities you are looking for, but is twice the price of the Ulead program I mentioned.

There are some free authoring tools, but they won’t be as easy to import whole dvds. GuiforDVDAuthor will let you import vob files, but I think you have to rename them as mpeg beforehand. Or you could use Vob2Mpeg before importing them into the authoring program.

The commercial programs all have free trials available—make use of them before buying anything. Can’t answer your question about dvdremake—don’t use that program. Maybe someone else will chip in about it.


I’m a newbie myself, so I hope my answer doesn’t confuse you more than help. I’ve used ConvertXtoDVD to do exactly what you are trying to do: put two DVD into one, with a custom-made menu. Now, I’ve only done it with two source DVD already ripped in .AVI format, but as far as I understand, it can handle original DVD files two. The program automatically compress as needed and also ads subtitle files if you want/need. I’ts not free, but I believe the price is reasonable. You can find a lot of info on the forums or at

Good luck!