Cheap Yuden T02 - 8.99 For 25

Now if only a UK shop is willing to sell 25 pack of TY DVD+R media, the only ones I seen are 100 pack :(.

Chanser, you can get Verbatim Datalifeplus pastel DVD+Rs, (4x and 8x), those are TY media. I hear the per disc price is pretty high though, but they come in packs of like five.

Yeah the price over here is high as usual, welcome to rip-off Britain. Will look out for pastel media :).

it sure does!!! damn I wish my local best buy carried fuji’s made in japan for that kind of prices

They all do and the sale ends today.

Go there and look for these: FUJI DVD+R 1-8x, under the UPC it will say MADE IN JAPAN. Should be right when you walk in and some even have some right when you checking out waiting in line. I also some some in the computer section.

Use the coupe for 10% off and they ring up for $8.09 a piece.

I wish I could have found some FUJI DVD-R’s Made In Japan. I went to 3 different BB’s 1 didn’t have any -r at all and the other 2 only had made in Taiwan. I did buy 6 packs of the +r.

I have never seen any media sold in stores made in Japan, always Taiwan.

I’ve recently bought Fuji dvd+r media from Best Buy, they’re made in Japan, I couldn’t believe it, it’s the first time I’ve seen media made in Japan. Best of all, I found out that they’re TY media. Unfortunately I paid $19.99 for them:( I with our local best buy still sold them for 9.99

It is typical to find in brick-and-mortar stores only the re-packaged blank
media. Microcenter and Frys seem to be bad for doing that, for example,
and Best Buy along with CompUSA are essentially just as bad, with the
occasional exception as noted in this forum thread.

The best thing to do if you want Japanese-made blank media is to purchase
the spindles from online marketplaces. and
are excellent places to start looking for the discs. And, of course, Taiyo-Yuden
continues to ‘lead the pack’ in quality for many common optical drives.