Cheap Yuden T02 - 8.99 For 25

mods feel free to move to bargain bin but i wanted my friends in this forum to see it first. :wink:

at best buy this week:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD-ROM]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [YUDEN000]
Media Type ID : [T02]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Disc Application Code : [General Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4,482.6MB = 4.38GB (4.70GB)]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

scans as always on my 2500s (107v2b4) are buttah:

Early Sunday morning, BB had a pricing mistake with the Fujifim +R and -R 25-pack at $19.99 - $16 instant rebate, making it $3.99. A few people got the jump on them at the Bargains forum. But now, there’s a printable 10% off coupon from now until Sunday to save a few more. Here is the printable PDF file.

Thanks for the coupon. I’m happy i didn’t have a chance to go today like i wanted to. Going to buy some sony 8x -r and some fuji as well.

THANKS AGAIN :bow: :bow:

Maybe the cashier won’t catch it, but the fine print says “Markdowns taken from regular prices.”

I used it today to buy a Sony DVD-R 50 pack $19.99 and four 25 packs of Fuji DVD+R, all Made in Japan. The coupon took 10% off everything, not just one item. All these items were also on sale to begin with.

Does anybody know anything about the -r’s? I have plenty of +r media and want to try some -r’s (since I now have a 16x -r burner in addition to my 4x -r burner). I already looked and they didn’t have any made in japan so its FUJIFILM03 or ProdiscF01 for the 8x and ProdiscS03 for the 4x (If they have any 4x). Fyi I know about the sony on sale. Couldn’t find any made in japan there either (got a 25 pack of SONY08D1 and a 25 pack of SONY04D1 already). I was kind of thinking of seeing what fry’s has (I hate them assholes). I wonder how they are about price matching. Maybe they would have some made in japan for the sony or fuji.

Personally, I have only seen 8x Fuji -Rs that are made in Japan, in 50 pk spindles.

I like to shop at Fry’s. They have some great deals in their ads and have a really good return policy. However, good luck with the price matching. They have to call the other retailer and verify that they have the item in stock first.

I liked to shop at Fry’s when i lived in SoCal. Anaheim and Fountain Valley stores. But what’s up with all the repackaged stuff? Do they get mostly B grade merchandise? That why all the returns?

I agree that fry’s has some really good deals in their ad (that and the large selection is probably the only reason that I shop there). As far as the return policy, they must be beter out there in California that they are here in Texas. I have never had as many problems with any store doing returns (or checking out for that matter). I have actually had to contact corporate and get the store manager involved (you know, the guy they will normally never let you talk to) on perfectlly legitamate exchanges well within the time limit. Once was blank dvd’s (I tried to exchange the full pack with no missing disks for the same exact item because I had reason to believe they may have been defective). I can understand that they may have special policys for media but none were posted and the other time there was no excuse. The other time was a defective mother board. After a few hours on the phone with tech support, the manufacture said it was defanatlly defective. They pluged it up quick and since it seemed to power up they tried to refuse an exchange. The manufacture said just rma it to us but thats crap on a brand new board.
Ok, sorry, done ranting, back to dvd media. The only ty that I have tried is yuden000t02 (that was the stuff returned to frys and the new pack did burn noticably beter). I may be wrong here but it seems that ty got a lot of their reputation from -r media so I really wanted to try some. As far as the price match the stores have it in stock (so no problem with the phone call), they just dont have made in japan (I assume that it takes them an hour to call for a price match like it takes them an hour to approve a check). I guess that I could check office max and see if they have fuji (they are all the way across town but so is fry’s). The only other option is micro center (havent shoped there enough to know if they are good or bad and if they price match).

Fyi, does anybody else know about the quality of the fuji or prodisk?

I really don’t know but when I returned that motherboard that the manufacture (tech support) said was dead, as I was walking off I actually saw a guy take it to the shrink wraper and repackage it instead of sticking one of the defective labels on it. At the Irving Texas store they have a little room not 5 feet from the return counter with a shrink wraping machine. You can sit there and watch them taking returns back there to repackage for resale. I have to wonder if with some of the stuff, they get it cheaper but get it in an oem type of agreement where they cannot return defective units to the manufacture (They are expected to cover waranty and repair of units returned to them, themselves).

These Yuden T02 burn at 16x in my NEC 3500 with very low error rate PI=9 PO=7 these are great discs for this burner.


Wish I was having such luck. I have tried everywhere (fry’s didn’t have any made in japan either and office max and office depot didn’t carry fuji).

Go to Office Depot and pick up some of the 8x Maxells they have on sale - 15 pk for about $6. These are made in Japan and are oem Maxell. The 3500 will burn them at 16x, although I don’t recommend it. Someone posted some scans before of a 16x burn, and it wasn’t that impressive.
Here is a scan of a burn I did on my 3500 at 8x:

Last week I picked up several of those when they were 5$ but I specifically got 4x +r because they were ricohjpnro1. I knew at one point they had them for 6$ this week But after I decided that I wanted to get various -r media to try I had forgoten it so thanks for the reminder!!! If they have them I think I’ll try an 8x and a 4x pack (looks like the 4x could be ritek or ty so maybe i’ll see if there are any made in japan 4x). If memory serves, ritek isn’t as good as some others but 6$ isn’t exactlly a lot to gamble.

Worked for me today, also off everything. She just scanned it and kept it.

so! where can I get cheap yuden for 8.99 for 25pcs?

Didn’t you read the first post? At Best Buy.

I’ve never seen any Taiyo Yuden media at Best Buy!! specially for that price

The first post only mentions Yudens, there are no Yuden branded media in Best Buy, nor any box store for that matter.

He should have indicated that these Yudens are Fuji’s. I picked up a pack yesterday, they had them on a large table right in front of the doors.
Be careful, only get the ones made in Japan, those are the Yudens.
Half the table was made in Japan, the other half in Taiwan. I don’t know what the Taiwan media is.

Hope that clears things up for you.