Cheap Vs Branded Dvds

I succesfully record my dvd. I manage to play it on cheap but it will not play on branded dvds

I don’t understand this post :confused:

i succesfull record my dvd movie with no problems. When i play it on my cheap japanese dvd player it will play fine, however when i try to play it on a branded dvd player SONY it does no play at all giving me a message ‘No Play’

I had to trash two (2 1/2 year old) SONY players for not playing dvds.
At first I thought it was my burns or my media, but I was testing in each of the SONY players (which were the fault)

However My Sony dvd player read other backed up dvds which i didn’t burn. I tried every thing to solve this problem including: using different media, different programs to burn dvds, burning at lower speed etc. Im now considoring to change my dvd writer.

What is strange is that once i used Hp dvds and worked fie. however these dvs are not available any more in any nearby outlets

sony players are very picky about what they play, i’d never buy one