Cheap Verbatim MCC004 Back in stock @ SVP

Just to let you gurus know i mailed steve today and he must have waved his magic wand because Verbatim MCC004 is as of a few hours ago back in stock

Verbatim ‘Silver Top’ (16x) DVD+R £4.69

Also its showing ADVDInfo: MCC 004 / YUDEN000T03

ive just ordered a 200 Box for £36.96 so i’ll let you know what i get, my last 200 Box was MIT MCC004 and was bloody brilliant but ive only got about 12 discs left :sad:

Very nice price, i just paid like £30 for 100 plextors.

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This is maybe besides the point, but I bought a 25 pack of these from svp recently at a price like that and I’m not very happy with them. They’re made in India and with my burner (LG 4166B) they don’t show up very well on quality scans. Sometimes there’s huge increases in PI errors and failures at the end of the disc, and generally they’re just not nearly as good as the Made in Taiwan printables I bought a while ago which gave really good scans. You can also of course buy guaranteed Taiyo Yuiden manufactured Verbatims from there for a little more money- I bought a 25 pack of those too, and whilst they are fine, they’re still not as good in my LG burner as the Verbatims I had before.

Well it was T03 i would have preferred MCC004’s but these seem pretty decent

strangely if i were to have bought T03 outright it would have cost £16 more

heres what my 1635 made of it after doing a test disc in my 108 @ 12x

^Wow very nice scan for T03’s, mind posting the hub code?

they’re 20’s m8