Cheap Verbatim BD-Rs from ebay... are good?



Hello. I want to buy these BD-R DL Printable Verbatims:

and I want to ask if they are really verbatims no some other brand in verbatim cover…

Got anyone some experiences with this discs?

Thank you.


I buy these from amazon and they look the same but are $110.00. Quality is great.
added link:


When I bought a spindle of those a couple of years back, they were Panasonic MEI T01 made in Japan discs. If you want guaranteed Verbatim/MKM discs, you might want to try these:

(I have a spindle of those too, and they were indeed MKM discs)


Yep the DL discs are mostly Verbatim made or sometimes Panasonic.

I received some just a few days ago and they were VERBATIMf MID. Work pretty well.