Cheap TYs (fake?) in the GTA



I bought a spindle from Logic Computer ( that were supposed to be Optodiscs. $30 +tax for 100. The media code is TYG02. The top of the discs looks lighter than my Fugi TYG02s, but the recorded surface (the colour of the dye) looks identical. The numbering on the inner part of the disc looks similar but doesn’t match. After a bunch of 12X burns on my NEC 3500 the discs seem to behave like the 200 TYs I’ve gone through.

How can I verify if they are fake? Fake or not, these are a good deal at less than 35 cents Canadian a pop.


Post the inner hub serial number - starts with a GG/TG ?



Damn that was hard to read.


I got some TYG02’s from supermediastore and on the top near the hub between the two circles they had an 8 digit serial number startting with GG.

I dunno maybe cause they were branded as Optidisc it’s different. I got the shiny silver top ones.