Cheap TY printables? (UK)
are these TY the cake box looks suspect to me.
SVP charge 50 quid per 100 of printable TY
these are a little cheaper.

Looks like TY to me. I don’t think we’ve heard anything about any fakes being sold under the Panasonic brand.

Hi Khizman
Can I clarify the price from your original post.

Genuine Taiyo Yuden full face printable 8x DVD-R at SVP are 41p inc VAT.
Look for these:
{DV 3139} Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R in Packs of 100
on this page:

The Panasonic don’t look like they are full face?
Perhaps someone can confirm this in case the picture is wrong?


Hi :slight_smile:
Unlikely to TY they don’t mention TY they refer to purple dye typical of Ritek
Goto that site & type in Taiyo Yuden then search I bet you don’t see those Panasonic discs in the results

In fact took my own advice & it looks like no stock of TY at all

Hi :slight_smile:
Just :iagree: with you at present SVP is the real deal & competative

Panasonic has been selling genuine TY media under its own brand for years. Jeez people, you’re getting paranoid about this “fake” TY stuff.

Hi :slight_smile:
aprmedia have always gone out of their way to point out media type
If when you do a search for TY & it comes up result 0 surely that means no stock The coding for the Panasonic discs is not TY If the discs were TY I’m sure aprmedia would point this out

I am happily burning and printing on my genuine TY from SVP at the price stated above without any problems. The price is almost the same (don’t forget to factor in P&P) so if there is any doubt stick with the SVP TY, they are tried and trusted.

Hi :slight_smile:
I know they have so have Fuji but this is not always the case I have contacted aprmedia in case the search facility at their site is incorrect saying nil stock of TY
Will pass on any info as when
In the meantime to be sure why follow wizard-ict

LOL, really!
The cakebox pictured is clearly a TY box. Whether you get that box when you order is of course another question. I prefer hub-printable myself.

I only saw the 16x ones :disagree: :iagree:
Pointless buying the panasonic ones in that case :smiley: