Cheap TY in Toronto?



I am from Hong Kong but TY disc here are rare and the only ones I have seen are That’s 16x 700MB/80min, a 50 disc spindle costs HK$170/$21.8.

I’m wondering if it’s any cheaper in Toronto, so my cousin can bring several packs for me when he’s coming over during summer vacation.

Please recommend me any online shopping stores or local (Toronto) stores which has cheap TY media available. I’m looking for 50~100 700MB for my Liteon 32x.

Thanks in advance.


No such thing as cheap media in Canada. Any chance your friend can pop over the border to the USA?


Fuji (TY) discs are running around $39 CDN ($28 USD) for a 50 pack.

Toronto to Buffalo NY is about 90 minutes (you have to go around Lake Ontario). Hardly worth the drive for a few spindles of discs.

Best Buy in the US has all sorts of deals on Fuji 100 packs ($8 after rebates). We never see deals like that up here.

The best I ever saw was Fuji coloured (swirl) discs for $25 CDN for a 50 pack after mail in rebate.