Cheap TY alert: Colored Fuji + and - disks

well here goes, staples has fuji +/- 8x DVD 30 packs, CDR 50 packs (colored) and 100 pack slimline cases all for 9.99$ each!

now first and foremost, the cases are real cheap, the cheapest source before that was at sams club for their memorex slim cases(these are jewel im talking about) and they went from 11$ to 12 something.

This sale is going on at staples. now the first one I went to, the + discs said “made in taiwan” and the - discs said japan, whining and moaning I took one pack of the minus to the register.

The next day I go about my business, and were I live in america we have been having a heat wave of 100 degrees, and it feels like 110 with the humidity. at about 8pm I realized I never took out those disks! So I drive over to another staples to return them, while there i realized they had plus disks made in japan, what a relief I was worried they would notice I was returning something just to buy it again ?!?

so anyways, there you go, this is the cheapest I think I have seen TY 8x discs. usually online I pay 44$ shipped ( for OEM, and I got a bunch of 25pack fujis at best buy for 10$, and I think I have seen once or twice in the ads those fuji 25 packs for 8$, but remember these at staples are 30 packs making them 30 some cents.

also while we are at it. does anyone have an educated opinion on the benefits/downfalls of getting branded TY’s (meaning fuji,sony,etc) vs getting the silver/thermal top OEM discs. Try to pretend you are a paranoid computer nerd that wants the best quality when it comes to making a backup you wish to share with your great-grand children :disagree:

Does Taiyo Yuden make the vendors disks in their own factory?

PS. another tip, bestbuy usually carries TY sony discs, wheras compusa and circuitcity do not

Good post! I’ll have to check the local staples to see if I see any MIJ TYs.

Going by posts here and elsewhere, people do seem to ocassionally have poor scans with the Fuji branded TYs, where as Rima’s OEM TYs seem perfect just about everytime. This is just anecdoctal, but it is my impression that some people are slightly suspicious of the branded discs compared to ones which come in with TY’s name on the cakebox (such as the Rima cakeboxes.)

Staples has Made in Japan and Made in Taiwan Fuji color cdrs. The Made in Japan TY’s are a larger package then the Taiwan ones. The Made in Japan have the TY frosted center ring and TY cake box (they come 5 cake boxes to a package) The Taiwan ones are twist on cake boxes. The DVDs my staples had where all Made in Japan, but I have not check to see if they are TY’s also, I think they are though. :slight_smile: