Cheap transparent keyboard?

I was searching for a wireless illuminated keyboard and after long hours I figured there’s none (except for that Microsoft one that does not have a numpad) I’ve descided to create one.

I found a really simple way that I could try with my old keyboard but I have a little problem. The old keyboard I have has ordinary black keys, through which the light won’t come out. I thought I could buy a really cheap, wired, not illuminated acrylic keyboard or only replacement acrylic buttons but I cannot find any (I only found one which is illuminated for $25, I was hoping to find one cheaper without extra features, or just buttons actually.)

Is there a place where I can get acrylic buttons for an ordinary keyboard (to replace the ordinary buttons) or a simple acrylic keyboard?

Here’s a picture of what I’m looking for:

This one is wireless, illuminated and very small

The problem is I need a wireless illuminated keyboard and since they do not create one that’s why I need an acrylic wired, cheap keyboard so I can “boost up” my old wireless into an illuminated wireless.

Otherwise thanx for the search, there’s a bunch of keyboard I didn’t see before on that site.