Cheap Taiyo Yuden DVD-R's for Australians

G’day all,

I have found a cheap source of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s on eBay.

Link: Solaris International Auction for Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s

They are 2x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s with the TAIYOYUDEN manufacturer’s ID. They want $75 for 45 discs including GST and shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Good luck everyone!

That is soooooo tempting… 2x DVD-R is the only issue, hope it works with the Liteon 411 I plan to get.

Why are the DVDs purple ?? Oh well, need archival quality media for my anime…

Good quality DVD-R’s (RiTEK, TY, PVC, Maxell) have deep deep deep dark purple recording dye layers, however, all DVD-R’s that I have seen so far have silver reflective layers. What you are looking at is perfectly normal and is a good sign that you’re getting real TY. I have bought off Solaris recently (they have 2x and 4x TY DVD-R) and they have VERY reasonable prices. Ask them about their 4x ones, they go for around AU$120 per 50-pack spindle including shipping! :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info terminalvelocd. TY 4X DVD-R sounds good, but almost 2X the price for 15mins less per DVD…

What’s your DVD writer ? If it works well in a Liteon 411 I’ll definately get the 2X !


I’ve got the Pioneer DVR-106, my friend has used these with his LiteON LDW-411S with FS0F firmware and both types of discs work really well and yeild low error rates according to the KProbe scans.

I have much faith in Taiyo Yuden. I’ve used their media since I got my first 4x CD-R drive back in 1998.

I know what you mean about TY discs, I’m still hoarding my 48X TY CDRs !

Emailed Solaris, he’s offering the TY 4X DVD-Rs at $2.50 min 50pcs (shipping and GST included), but I think I can live with a 2X DVD for $1.70 each. He doesn’t have any TY DVD+Rs at the moment.

Thanks for your heads up and help !

Yeah no worries matey!

how do I contact solaris? thanks