Cheap shipping and great prices in the UK at SVP!



I’ve just been to SVP, and they’ve got a cheap shipping deal going! Spend over £20 and you get £2 knocked the already cheap shipping! I got 4 packs of 25 Verbatim 8x DVD-Rs, and ended up paying only £2.32 shipping!

The DVDs themselves are stupid cheap - £6.49 for 25! My whole order came to £28.28 for 100 Verb DVD-Rs! :clap:


Yes, they are very good. I use them for all my media needs.

Here’s a little something to get even cheaper prices.

When you get to the website, log in under the following details -

username disqworld

password price

Normally knocks about a £ of the normal prices for you.


Now they are giving special offers to disqworld cronies? Man that is messed up. Still a good site with great prices though. Glad to know at least disqworld is good for something. :wink:


Brilliant stuff - thanks!

EDIT: I just tried it but nothing happened - I didn’t order, I was just curious - but after it calculated shipping and stuff nothing had changed!


Are you sure?? I ordered 100 ritek DVD+R’s from them yesterday and it knocked around 50p of. Sometimes the difference is lots sometimes its hardly anything.


I did the same thing and it did knock about 23p off the total price of the 25 pack of Verbatim 8x DVD-R. Not a huge difference but it is still a savings and doesn’t take alot of work to get it. The real savings will come in if you order multiple packs.


I tell a lie… I just ordered 125 Verbs and 100 slimine jewel cases and got £5 off, which is about 10% off my order. Great stuff!