Cheap second power supply for dual

I’m not sure if any of you are running (or are thinking about running) dual power supplys for any reason (fans, lights, thermal cooling, main supply just isn’t big enough etc). Compusa has a maddog 250 watt for 30 - 7 instant - 21 mail in rebate = 2$. I didn’t figure a 250 watt would have much power but I called mad dog tech support and they said it was rated at 16 amps for the 3.3v, 25 amps for the 5.5v, and 16 amps for the 12v. 16 amps at 12v comes to 192 watts, plenty to run a small to medium pelt (assuming what they told me on the phone was corect). I haven’t been able to find out any info on who makes it for them but the larger mad dog power supplys are decent quality (super flower if I am not mistaken). Just thought I would mention it since I found out the amperage ratings (since they do not rate them on the box).

So does anybody know how to find or look up the UL number on this thing to see who made it?