Cheap reliable blank dvd media for lite0n-851S

I have a liteon-851s burner with firmware GSOK. I have used memorex and verbatim DVD+R 4x media with good success. I tried to save some $ and purchased #50 Ridata G04 1X-4X DVD-R, silver matte, ridata-branded, and they burned my movie copies perfectly. I was delighted that I found a good, inexpensive blank, so I preceded to buy 100 more. The new batch came packaged the same exact way as the previous one, except that the ridata name was on the clear inner ring of the disc, instead of imprinted on the matte. The package even has the same UPC code as the original. Every copy I have made with the new batch skips like crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, cheap blank. I am not terribly concerned about the recording speed, I just want a good copy.

thats the ritek lottery,look for some prodisc +R there normaly cheap and chearful.

if you are in the USA…weekend special Ridata RICOHJPNR01 DVD+R 4X very cheap and the best for burning…can be burnt at 8X

as you can imagine, I’m a little reluctant to buy any more Ridata prouct. have you used any other brands that work well?

I have an 851@832 VS0A and I’ve fed it RICOHJPNR01 pretty much exclusive and I get great burns consistently. You tried the -R G04 before, give the +R R01 a try, for 100, they are $29 after rebate…that’s not a bad risk even if they suck for you…which they won’t!

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And for European users this is a shop for cheap standard DVD media. Link posted originally by packetloss
Here you get media codes posted for all media´s worth to buy.

@please, good media will give you a perfect scan! :iagree:

I have to agree with please. I also use Ridata dvd+r’s (Ricohjpnr01) exclusively. Litey’s love em. I don’t like the g04 dvd-r’s. My first batch burned at 4x no prob, my last batch I had to burn at 2x and then it was still a gamble.

I also use the Ricoh R01’s. Beautiful burns everytime! Plus ofcourse.

just to add an extra note, I burn them at 8x with the ‘recommended tweaks’ version 2-05,with increased burn speed and auto bitsetting selected in Omni-Patcher 1.3.8. I’ve been getting great results since then, so I have not done any other upgrades. :bigsmile:

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thanks for all your help. i’m kind of new to this. i’m using dvd x copy platinum 3.2.1, so there really isn’t any way for me to adjust the write speed. i got lucky yesterday. there was a deal for HP DVD+R at local retailer. there were sold out, so they substituted TDK 4X DVD+R. Well these discs turned out to be RICOHJPNR01. They made perfect copies. Has anybody received any Ridata 4X DVD+R that weren’t RICOHJPNR01?

I have always recieved the Ricohjpn R01’s, but there is a chance you will get Ritek R03’s. Most people have good luck with these also although they don’t respond as well to speedhacking as the Ricohjpn R01’s. The Ricoh’s are made by Ritek, you might say Ritek’s tools and Ricoh’s blueprints.

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