Cheap re-badged NEC ND-2510A!

CompUSA is carrying the ND-2510A, rebadged by Mad Dog Multimedia as the MegaStor 6-in-1, for $119.99.

Going to go install mine right now. :slight_smile:

That’s not very cheap considering newegg is selling the oem version for like $83

Newegg can do one better for the real deal.

I hate waiting for shipping, in addition to which the risk of a package sitting on the front porch disappearing where I live is significant.

I haven’t seen anything better for in-store retail package. Presumably there are other people who would be interested.

And for those who like to compete on price, TigerDirect has the Megastor for 79.99, and a USB 2.0 external version for 119.99.

Always good to know who’s rebadging what.

Today’s CompUSA has the Mad Dog MegaStor for $79.99 after instant savings and mail in rebate.

I got mine today. Just like the 2500a, it is very picky about what it READS. Scratches give me a hell of a time. The error correction sucks on this drive as far as I can tell…

But I’d be interested to hear if others have the same problem. Pop in a scratched disc and attempt to rip/play it. Tell me how it goes please. Iwant to compare…

As for burning, I suspect it will be fine. I’m about to burn one right now with my Fry’s GQ media. I’ll post the results.

Later for now!