Cheap Puma DLs showing Media Id:MKM-001-00 In ImgBurn

I hv recently purchased a few cheap Puma DLs for trial purpose.but when i put them in ImgBurn i get the media id as :MKM-001-00( which is for verb dls!!).the stampcode is:ZE-0016-DVR-V850A. So can they be manufactured by Verbatim?

Very likely to be fakes, IMO that just doesn’t look like a Verbatim stamper-code but with
Verbatim now days it is hard to tell with them using this and that and putting their name
on them like the CMC Verbatim Life Series. :confused:

The stamper code belongs to legit Verbatim DL media. Could you post the hub code?

How did they burn/scan?


I just got some KODAK brand discs that are packaged as 8x with this same code - and they register as only 2x. The hub code was only impression stamped, not inked, so it is pretty unreadable.

I have informed Kodak media of this.

(I haven’t burned any of them yet)