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Playstation Games

Alundra -RPG
Arc the Lad (j) -RPG
Azure Dreams -RPG
Biohazard: Gun Survivor -Survival Horror
Bomberman World -Action
Brave Fencer Musashi -RPG
Breath of Fire 3 -RPG
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 -Fighter
Biohazard 3 (j) -Action/Horror
Breath of Fire 3 -RPG
Cardinal Syn -Fighter
Castlevania SOTN -Action/RPG
Chrono Cross (2 discs) -RPG
Chrono Trigger Remake (j) -RPG
Contra Adventure -Shooter
Cotton -Shooter
Dew Prism (j) -RPG
Diablo -RPG
Dino Crisis -Action/Horror
Dracula X (j) -Action/RPG
Elemental Gearbolt -Shooter
Einhander -Shooter
Eve: The Lost One (4 discs) (j) -RPG
Final Fantasy 7 (3 discs) -RPG
Final Fantasy 8 (4 discs) -RPG
Final Fantasy Anthology (2 discs) -RPG
Final Fantasy Tactics -RPG
Granstream Saga -RPG
Gundam (j) -Shooter
Jade Cocoon -RPG
Kagero: Deception II -Action/RPG
Kartia: The Word of Fate -RPG
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen -Action/RPG
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver -Action
Legend of Heroes 1 and 2 (j) -RPG
Legend of Heroes 4 (j) -RPG
Legend of Mana (j) -RPG
Lunar: Silver Star Story (2 discs) -RPG
Macross Super Dimensions (2 discs) (j) -Shooter
Mega Man X 4 -Action
Metal Gear Solid (2 discs) -Action/Stealth RPG
Metal Gear VR Missions -Action/Stealth
Mortal Kombat 4 -Fighter
Next Tetris -Puzzle
Panzer Bandit (j) -RPG
Raystorm -Shooter
Resident Evil -Action/Horror
Resident Evil 2 -Action/Horror
Resident Evil 3 -Action/Horror
Rival Schools (2 discs) (j) -Fighter
Rival Schools 2 (j) -Fighter
R-Type Delta -Shooter
Saga Frontier 2 (j) -RPG
Samurai Showdown RPG (j) -RPG
Sega (PSX) Emulator with 101 games -Sega Emu -runs on PSX-
Street Fighter Alpha 3 -Fighter
Soul of the Samurai -Action/Stealth
Soul Hackers (3 discs) -RPG
Suikoden -RPG
Suikoden 2 -RPG
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins -Action/Stealth
Tetris Plus -Puzzle
Thousand Arms (2 discs) -RPG
Thunder Force 5 -Shooter
Thrill Kill Full -Fighter
Twisted Metal 2 -Auto Fighter
Unholy War -Strategy
Vandal Hearts 2 -RPG
Vampire Hunter D (j) -Adventure
Valkyrie Profile (2 discs) (j) -RPG
Worms -Strategy
Xena: Warrior Princess -Adventure
Xenogears (2 discs) -RPG
4-in-1 (Twisted Metal 1,2,3, Vigalante 8) -Auto Fighter

Sega Saturn

Albert Odyssey -RPG
A.M.O.K. -Action
Apocalypse 4 (2 CDs) -RPG
Area 51 -Shooter
Asuka 120% -Fighter
Batsugun -Shooter
Battle Arena Toshinden URA -Fighter
Battle Garrega -Shooter
Black Fire -Shooter
Blast Wind (j) -Shooter
Blazing Heroes -Action
Bomberman -Action
Bomberman Fight -Action
Bomberman Wars -Action
Bubble Bobble -Action
Bubble Symphony -Action
Bulk Slash -Action
Burning Rangers US -Shooter
Burning Rangers (j) -Shoote
Bust a Move 2 -Puzzle
Chaos Seed (2 discs) -RPG
Christmas Nights into Dreams -RPG
Clockwork Knight -Action
Cotton 2 -Shooter
Cotton: Boomerang -Shooter
Crimewave -Shooter
Darius Gaiden -Shooter
Dark Savior -RPG
Deep Fear (2 discs) -Survival Horror
Desire (2 discs) -Dating Sim
Die Hard Arcade -Action
Dracula X: Nocturn in the Moonlight (j) -Action/RPG
Dragon Ball Z Legends (j) -Action/RPG
Dragon Force -RPG
Dragon Force 2 (j) -RPG
Double Switch (2 discs) -FMV Action
Dungeons and Dragons (2 discs) (j) -RPG
Elan Duree -RPG
Fighting Vipers -Fighter
Final Romance 2 -Dating Sim
Find Love -Dating Sim
Galaxy Force 2 -Shooter
Gal Jan -Dating Sim
Geckinrindan -Shooter
Golden Axe: The Duel -Fighter
Guardian Heroes -RPG
Gunbird -Shooter
Heir of Zendor: The Legend and the Land -Strategy/RPG
High School Terra Story -Dating Sim
Hokago Renai Club (2 discs) -Dating Sim
House of the Dead -Shooter
Hyper Duel -Shooter
Iron Man -Action
Konami MSX Antiques -Collection
Layer Section 2 (j) -Strategy
Langrisser 3 (j) -RPG
Langrisser 4 (j) -RPG
Langrisser 5 (j) -RPG
Lunar Eternal Blue Remix (2 discs) (j) -RPG
Lunar: Magic School (j) -RPG
Lunatic Dawn Odyssey (j) -RPG
Mahjong Makakusa -Dating Sim
Marvel VS Street Fighter -Fighter
Magic Knight Rayearth -RPG
Mega Man 8 -Action
Mega Man X4 -Action
Metal Slug -Shooter
Neon Genesis Evangelion (2 discs) -RPG
Night Warriors -Action
Panzer Dragoon -Shooter
Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei -Shooter
Panzer Dragoon Saga (4 discs) -RPG
Parodius Deluxe Pack -Shooter
Phantasy Star Collection (j) -RPG
Policenauts (3 discs) -RPG
Princess Crown (j) -RPG
Psychic Ninja (j) -Action
Radiant Silvergun (j) -Shooter
Ragnagard (j) -RPG
Resident Evil -Survival Horror
Revolution X -Shooter
Riglord Saga 2 (j) -RPG
Rox -Shooter
Sakura Wars (2 discs) -RPG
Sakura Wars 2 (3 discs) -RPG
Samurai Showdown 3 -Fighter
Samurai Spirits 4 (j) -Fighter
SCUD: The Disposable Assassin -Action
Sengoku Ace 2 -Shooter
Shadow of the Tusk -Strat/RPG
Shatsudo Minisuko Police -Action
Shienryu -RPG
Shining Force 3 Episode 1 -RPG
Shining Force 3 Episode 2 (j) -RPG
Shining Force 3 Episode 3 (j) -RPG
Shining Force 3 Premium Disc (j) -RPG
Shining the Holy Ark -RPG
Silouette Mirage (j) -Shooter
Shadow of the Tusk -Strat/RPG
She'Sn -Dating Sim
Shinobi X -Action
Skull Fang -Shooter
Slayers Royal -RPG
Slayers Royal 2 -RPG
Sokko Seitokai -Fighter
Sol Divide -Shooter
Solar Eclipse -Shooter
Sonic 3D Blast -Action
Sonic R -Racing
Steam Hearts -Shooter
Steeldom -Shooter
Street Fighter Alpha 2 -Fighter
Summer Waltz -Dating Sim
Super Robot Wars Final (j) -RPG
Thunder Force V -Shooter
Thunder Force Gold Pack Vol 1 (j) -Shooter
Thunder Force Gold Pacl Vol 2 (j) -Shooter
Valholian -Dating Sim
Virtua Cop 2 -Shooter
Virtua Fighter 2 -Fighter
Warriors of Fate (j) -Action
World Heroes Perfect -Fighter

3DO Games

Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 2
Captain Quazar
Corpse Killer
Death Keep
Dragon's Lair
Dragon Lore (3 CDs)
Flying Nightmares
Foes of Ali
Guardian War
Killing Time
Phoenix 3
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
Return Fire
Return Fire: Maps'o'War
Road Rash
Scramble Cobra
Snow Job (2 CDs)
Space Hulk
Star Fighter
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
The Incredible Machine
The Need for Speed
Twisted: The Game Show
Way of the Warrior
Wicked 18

Sega CD Games

Dark Wizard -RPG
Demolition Man -Action
Lunar: The Silver Star -RPG
Lunar: Eternal Blue -RPG
Night Trap (2 discs) -FMV Action
Popful Mail -RPG
Prince of Persia -Action
Rise of the Dragon -Text RPG
Sewer Shark -FMV Action
Shining Force CD -RPG
Silpheed -Shooter
Snatcher -RPG
Sol Feace -Shooter
Soul Star -Shooter
Vay -RPG

Turbo Duo Games

Avenger (j) -Shooter
Cosmic Fantasy 2 -RPG
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood -Action
Download 2 -Shooter
Dragon Slayer -RPG
Exile -RPG
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon -RPG
Fatal Fury Special -Fighter
Final Zone II -Action/RPG
Gate of Thunder 3-in-1 -Shooter
Gradius -Shooter
Gradius II (j) -Shooter
Image Fight II (j) -Action
L-Dis (j) -Shooter
Lords of Thunder -RPG
Monster Lair -Action/RPG
Nexzyr (j) -Shooter
Psychic Storm (j) -Shooter
Rayxanber II (j) -Shooter
Saphire ACD (j) -RPG
Sexy Idol Mahjong -RPG
Shockman 3 (j) -RPG
Spriggan (j) -Shooter
Strider ACD (j) -RPG
Syd Mead's Terraforming -Shooter
Valis II -Action
Vasteel -RPG/Shooter
Wonder Boy 3 -Action/RPG
World Heroes 2 ACD (j) -RPG
Ys Book I and II -RPG
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys -RPG
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys -RPG

PC Software and Games

Alien vs Predator -Doom Style
Alpha Centauri -Strategy
Borland C++ 5.02 Suite -Programming
Circuit Maker 5.0 -Electronics Program
Electronics 2000 -Electronics Program
Half Life -Doom style
Linux Mandrake 6.0 -OS
Redhat Linux 6.0 -OS
Resident Evil 2 (2 discs) -Action/Horror
Rainbow 6 -Strategy
Septerra Core -RPG
Sinistar -Strategy/Shooter
Starcraft -Strategy
Starcraft BroodWars -Strategy
Starcraft Insurrection -Strategy
StarSiege: Tribes -Strategy
Unreal -Doom Style
Unreal Addon: Return to Na Pali -Doom Style
Watcom C++ (2 discs) -Programming
The Wheel of Time (2 discs) -RPG
Windows 98 SE -OS
Windows 2000 Professional -OS
Worms 2 -Strategy
Worms Armageddon -Strategy


Ah, My Goddess! Vol 1 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Ah, My Goddess! Vol 2 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Ah, My Goddess! Vol 3 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Akira (2 discs) (Dubbed)
Agent Aika: Naked Missions (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Devil Hunter Yohko (4 discs - Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Dogma (2 discs - Comedy)
Evangelion (Japanese Anime Hentai) (Japanese Language)
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Vol.1 (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Vol.2 (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Fushigi Yuugi: Mysterious Play (2 discs - Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Ghost in the Shell (2 discs - Japanese Anime)
Macross 7 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Legend of the Overfiend (2 Discs - Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Mobile Suit - Gundam v.1 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 1&2 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 3&4 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 5&6 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 7&8 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 9&10 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 11&12 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 13&14 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 15&16 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 17&18 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 19&20 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 21 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 22 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 23 (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Next Friday (2 discs - very good telesych)
Ninja Scroll (2 discs - Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Ninja Resurrection (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Rayearth (Japanese Anime) (Japanese Language - English Subtitles)
Serial Experiments Lain (3 CDs - Dubbed)
Tekken: The Movie (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
The Astronauts Wife (2 Discs - Telesynch)
The Matrix (Screener - 2 discs)
The 13th Floor (2 discs - Screener)
The 13th Warrior (2 discs - Telesynch)
The Sixth Sense (2 Discs - Screener)
The Slayers (2 discs - Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Suikoden: Demon Century (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Vampire Hunter D (2 Discs - Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Venus 5 (Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)
Wrath of the Ninja (2 discs - Japanese Anime) (Dubbed)

Adult VCDs

Above the Knee (Adult VCD)
Adult 1: The Essential Collection (Adult VCD)
Babewatch (Adult VCD)
BabeWatch 8 (Adult VCD)
Blaze (Adult VCD)
Blondes Eat More Cum (Adult VCD)
Blow Dry (Adult VCD)
Borderline (Adult VCD)
Big Boob Hunt (Adult VCD)
Blind Spot (Adult VCD)
Blonde Justice (Adult VCD)
Bobby Sox (Adult VCD)
Body Language (Adult VCD)
Car F*cking (Adult VCD)
Chasey Saves The World (Adult VCD)
Christy in the Wild (Adult VCD)
Cinesex (Adult VCD)
Cloud 9 (Adult VCD)
Cold Sweat (Adult VCD)
Come Back (Adult VCD)
Come and Get It (Adult VCD)
Conquest of Jenna Jameson (2 disc Adult VCD)
Cream on 2 (Adult VCD)
Deep Inside Nikki Dial (2 disc Adult VCD)
Divas (Adult VCD)
Double D Nurses (Adult VCD)
Fantasy Chambers (Adult VCD)
Forest of Desire (Adult VCD)
Hawaii (Adult VCD)
Holiday Resort (Adult VCD)
Hot Buttered Blues (Adult VCD)
House on Chasey Lain (Adult VCD)
In Defense of Savannah (Adult VCD)
Jenna Loves Rocco (Adult VCD)
Julia Ann Superstar (Adult VCD)
Leena is Going Pro (Adult VCD)
Luna Chick (Adult VCD)
My Wife Wants To Be a Wh*re (Adult VCD)
Night Nurses (Adult VCD)
Night Train (Adult VCD)
Nymph (Adult VCD)
On Her Back (Adult VCD)
Oral Obsession 2: The Phone Booth (Adult VCD)
Out of Love (Adult VCD)
Passenger 69 (Adult VCD)
Putting It All Behind II (Adult VCD)
Raquel Released (Adult VCD)
R.A.W. ASS #3 (Adult VCD)
Rocki Roads Wet Dreams (Adult VCD)
Rolling Thunder (Adult VCD)
Rutted Rhynotism (Adult VCD)
See-Thru (Adult VCD)
Seventeen I (Adult VCD)
Sex with Tracey (Adult VCD)
Sex with Nikki Dial (Adult VCD)
Sexy Nurses 2 (Adult VCD)
Silver (Adult VCD)
Stardust 3 (Adult VCD)
Stardust 4 (Adult VCD)
Stick Shift Girls (Adult VCD)
Soapland (Adult VCD)
Spanish Desire (Adult VCD)
Super Sl*t 3 (Adult VCD)
Superstar Deepthroat (Adult VCD)
Taboo Sex (Adult VCD)
Titty Slickers (Adult VCD)
Trapped (Adult VCD)
Trouble Maker (Adult VCD)
Vice (Adult VCD)
Virgin Dreams (Adult VCD)
White Wedding (Adult VCD)
Wild and Wicked (Adult VCD)

If anyone can give me an adult VCD called Linda Shaw sucks, you will get 7 free CDs of your choice.

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