Cheap Plastic CD/DVD Disk Boxes

Does anyone know where you can buy large-sized and cheap plastic CD/DVD storage boxes these days? I used to be able to get them in-store at places like CompUSA for $7 or less, and they’d hold 100+ disks in sleeves. Now, they only sell them online for $24. :eek: Most other places only sell little tiny storage boxes, that are no bigger than a cakebox. :sad:

Am I going to be forced to switch to the “metallic” suitcase-sized storage cases? Any affordable recommendations other than Vaultz?

How about this:

Looks like the price is about $8. My local Fred Meyer recently had them on sale for $5.

Staples store usually has these on sale and even better price as “Clearance”.

Go to wallmart and maybe Targe to get Sterililte Show Offs CD box.
I forget the price. They’re less than $5, $4 or $3.
>top comes off
>top has a handle
>top snaps down on two sides to latch on to case
>they stack
>see through
>not stiff breakable plastic. They can flex a bit.