Cheap pda?

I am posting this as a potential deal, but also was wondering others opinions on it as I am considering it.

There is this one with just the pda. It has issues with the backup batteries being bad but one person said, it was the charging cradle that was bad (when you charge usb, it works fine). Its 50$ shipped for a working (though refurbished) pda running windows mobile 2003 (not se).
fyi this does not have bluetooth (or wifi) or gps function.
This is basically the same one. I cannot tell for sure but I think it comes with all the accessories (I emailed them and never got a response). Its 95$. If it comes with everything, it comes with car mount, cf card gps, cf card bluetooth etc.

I could care less about the gps (its said to be kind of crappy). If it works, bonus, but I already have a good gps (a second for the wifes car would be handy but not mandatory as we can share the one). I would like the bluetooth, and there seems to be issues with certain bluetooth cf cards working with certain versions of windows mobile (if I were to get another card seperatlly somewhere else, would it work)?

So is it worth it (crappy gps or not, it a working pda/media player/hand held computer running windows for 50-95$ shipped)?

Fyi here is a fat wallet thread about them clearancing new ones

Could I get better for under 100$?