Cheap pc133 memory?



Does anyone know where i could get some cheap pc100 or pc133 memory? I am trying to put my mother together a cheap cheap computer and i have everything but enough memory. I have a p3 processor and i need at least 256meg of ram to make it work decent. I borrowed some ram from a friend to see if it would help and it made a huge difference but i had to give it back. I have xp w/ service pack 2 and i currently have 128 meg of ram and it is so slow. It only has 2 banks so i need 1 256 or 2 128. Any help would be greatly appreciated because i have already went over her budget and i am now paying to get the rest going.


u can check or or for all your pc needs. good luck.


You can always try ebay, people are selling old technology for next to nothing.


I’ve got an extra stick of 256 or 128 PC100 sitting at home from an unused P3 system. I’d have to check. PM me if you’d be interested


Have 2 sticks of Crucial CL2, 256:

MT16LSDT3264AG-13EE3 PC133U-222-542-A

also carry the number: CT32M64S4D7E.16LT

Go to and look up your motherboard, see if these will work.

They’re yours if you can use them.


i think they will work. i have sent you a pm.