Cheap no name media



Hi I’m new to this board.

I was wondering if anyone out there has ever bought those really cheap no name media that some people sell in markets? I live in Vancouver and here in the Chinese market, and sometimes at my university campus you see guys set up selling CD media, some of it I’m sure is fine since its the same kind of cheap brands I’ve bought before, i.e princo and the like, but you also sometimes see really cheap 100 spindles with absolutely no label, in fact there is little to distinguish the front and back of the media. These come wrapped in clear plastic, not on a spindle and not in any kind of case. I’ve always been suspicious of these and was wondering if anyone else has bought media like this and what kind of experience they had with it.



this topic is pretty vague, since the media u see could be media of any kind. it’s not like there’s only one manufacturer of no-name media. any experience others have with their no-names could be totally different from what u can expect from the ones u see. the only way to really tell is to try them out.