Cheap media

question to all you on buying blank media, do u all like me dont mind spending the xtra few cents per disc to know u are getting good media, or do u penny pinch so much u end up regreting it and getting cheapo crap media

cheap media is not cheap - eventually you loose your data or you have to pay again to reburn

its like they say “you get what you pay for”

i used to buy cheap discs a lot of the time, now mostly buy the good stuff, saves time and money in the long run.

I don’t know what you consider cheap media, but for 24 cents each, I purchase High-Speed DVD-R (DVDR) 8X 4.7GB White Inkjet Hub Printable Blank DVD Media from allmediaoutlet in California.

When I run DVD Identifier on those no name High-Speed brand media it reports that they are: Taiyo-Yuden. PS: Since my burners are Plextor PX-716SA’s, using those High-Speed disc’s, I almost never create a coaster.

If you would like to take a look at those disc’s on the allmediaout site, follow this link:

Eric :slight_smile:

i consider cheap media cheap media, not how much u made but just overall cheap crappy media, regradless of the maker lol

I consider “good media” to contain Ritek G05 (amongst others), many don’t. Vague question.


I WON’T comment on this above comment of yours, Quaiboy. :wink: - I’m over it. :slight_smile:

My input is to add that I’m even willing to pay an extra price for good service. I prefer to buy a little more expensive from a shop with a good customer service, than go cheaper with a shop that won’t be able to handle a possible problem.

Actually with good service, you may try cheaper discs… because the shop will take them back if they’re bad :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Off-topic, these discs are fake Taiyo Yudens.

That gives me the chance to quote it. Underlining it would be another option. :slight_smile:

Which means that if you find me arguing about G05 quality with Quaiboy again in the future, you’ll remind me of this? :eek: I should have thought twice before typing it, then… :bigsmile: - maybe I can try to bribe a mod into removing all traces of this sentence… :bigsmile:

Yup, can’t even get 4x value line silvertops for that cheap. Anyways, I always buy quality media at this point. I live in the US and the difference between the cheapest quality crap (unless there is some crazy in-store special) and TY is minimal. I was getting 4x value line TY for about 28-30 cents a disc (including shipping. Hell, Princo isn’t much cheaper than that. The 8x premium TY from rima is only 42 cents a disc (with shipping). At less than 50 cents a disc for the best quality stuff, how can I justify penny pinching? Seen the effects of cheap quality media (ie Princo) and watched people lose entire batches after less than a year. For me the ability to get maximum compatibility and longevity are worth the few extra cents per disc. If I let my friends borrow my backups (both videogame console or movie) I never have to worry about them calling me up and asking why they can’t get them to work. Some of these folks are using PS2s with ultra-picky lasers and I have yet to have a single complaint about my TY discs not working flawlessly.

Strongly Agree ^^^ :bow:

this is nearly ALWAYS the case, but sometimes it happens that higher brands won’t work on peoples machines but the cheaper ones do. I have seen Verbatim discs fail on computers where Datawrite have burnt with no problems!

Hehe, please let me quote another one.

I’m over it. :slight_smile:

well, to burn data for meself, i’d buy good media.

but for stuff i burn to give others, i’ll usually get the cheapest junk i can get me hands on :iagree:

Stuff for myself only on Verbey’s TY and MCC.
For family and friends I go for the stuff in between, not the cheapest.
At the moment I,m finishing a 25 Ricoh DVD+R gold spindle I bought for 6’99 euro’s for fr/fam burns.
Its not the cheapest but it isnt the most expensive either.

Cheap media, only for my friends, they get what they collect :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted yes, but that doesn’t mean if I see a good deal, I won’t buy some cheap stuff to check them out. My last Verbatim 2.4, MIS DL cost me $19.99 for a 20 pack spindle & 100 pack spindles of old stock SL, Verbatim 16X, MIT cost me $19.99. Would that not be classified as cheap?

I just wait for $12 or $13 ‘50 cakes’ of Verb. Once in a while I’ll pricematch Sony’s at Sears (mine still has a few cakes of TY Sony).

I always look for the best priced, quality media.
My last star find in the cheep media was the unbranded ‘Yellow’ MCC003 media, I dont just go by the price, but it is an important factor. I look first for the MID and then the manufacture printed on the disk (i.e. branded).

The main place I get my media from is SVP and because they include the MID in with the media info I use that to look for my media. I often just put in MCC004, 03 or TYG02 etc into the search box and then look at what comes back. I dont limit myself to just looking at Verbatim or TY media, but that is basically all I use. I keep meaning to looking onto other factory types CMC being high on my list, but I do so well with the way I do it now I often dont see the need.

Point in case if I knew just how good the Yellow’s were going to be I would have got quite a few boxes of them, not just the 300 I got to test and then find that they did not have anymore.

I agree that you get what you pay for, but I dont see the need to pay over the odds for anything. Here are a low and high speed scan of the cheepo ‘Yellows’ at around £10 quid for 100 some of the best scan numbers I have had regardless of price, and not much comes close apart from the cheepo Data Safe Taiyo Yuden silver topped TYG02 I get for £14’ish quid for 100.