Cheap media OK

after 500 backups or so using the cheapest DVD+R (8x) i could find on sale at Circuit City, i can say that i’ve had good results.

my hardware is nothing fancy…6x DVD writer that came with my Dell Inspiron 9300. these are approximate numbers. i like the little 25-disk spindles also as they are nice storage for CDs that i don’t care about.

NexxTech $6/25, 250 good, 8 bad (but all in same 25pack spindle…had bubbles on the disks)

TDK $7/25, 100 good, 0 bad

Phillips $7/25, 100 good, 0 bad

Staples $15/50, 50 good, 0 bad

i tried buying two 50-packs for $10/ea (8x) from …first 10 or so failed at MAX write speed. next 38 was fine at 1x (about 2 failed) but the playback quality definitely was worse than the other media.

the second 50-pack had 12 consecutive failures at 1x right off the bat. i got pissed off and gave it away.

Im Glad You Have Found Some Lets Say Good Media !!!
A Lot Of People Always Crack On Saying Use Verbatim Or Taiyo Yuden Media But This Is As You Have Proven Not Always The Case ,
It Depends On The Media Your Writer/firmware Likes Best .
A Lot Of People Say Buy Media Made In Japan As It Is Far More Superior And Higher Quality, Myself I Live In The Uk And 90% Of The Media Is Made In Taiwan And I Havent Got A Problem Too!

Welcome to the CDF knock-on-wood, I am glad that we agree any media that wroks well in your configuration is good, but the thing is, try and play that media a year from now, I am not saying all all Taiwan media is not going to last but the majority of it is evenly proced to Made in Japan media so my vote would go for the MIJ stuff, but if you aren’t planning on keeping your movies for 20 years, I don’t think it matters, Again, welcome to CDF

Thankyou Alan1476 …saying This I May Only Watch My Backups Maybe Once Again After The First Initial Burn And Then It Is Put In To Storage , So Are You Saying Even Though It Is Kept In A Safe Clean Place The Quality Of The Dye/media Will Let Me Down In A Year :confused:


Staples and Nexxtech is almost certainly CMC, Philips and TDK, if 8x +R, is pretty likely to be CMC as well, all CMC E01. CMC E01 works well in my burners, but your mileage may vary depending on the burner and burner firmware used - they are good discs with the appropriate burners.

-R discs I’ve used at are some of the worst discs I’ve ever used, SKC. And BAD SKC discs at that, I’ve used SKC before with decent results but these SKC discs have much higher PIF errors and have PO errors at about 3.5GB.

Yes I know you don’t know what anything I just said means 98bird, but if you are interested in learning more then feel free to ask or do some reading up in the forums here. Glad to hear that you’ve had good luck with most of your media, though.

i remember when writeable CDs were considered cheap at $4 /each (700mb)…the Gold is supposed to last 100 years and the Silver, a little less…and the Green about 50 years?

is that the same for DVD media? the comment about watching cheap DVDs a year from now kind of scares me…even though i only watch the movies 2x at most.

i just got done cleaning house and throwing out 20 full size garbage bags full of VHS and yes, Beta (lol). then about 8 bags full of 3.5" disks and 5.25" disks…yes, 5.25". these were mostly copies…i’d say 20 years worth of collecting since high school.

now the 400-500 LPs, i can’t do it so they sit there until i die :smiley: but i wonder what would replace my CDs and DVDs…and how soon? i’m sure in 20 years there will be something much better and efficient…

There’s something better and more efficient coming onto the market now, HD-DVD and Blu-ray. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one can say for sure how long your discs will last, just take decent care of them and store them properly and most discs will last several years at the least. But there are no guarantees, discs that burn and playback well initially such as some Ritek media have turned to unreadable coasters within months.

I like the CMC MAG E01 even though the PIF’s are a little high. They will not scan with true TY but then again for the price I dont think you can go wrong. They are also very compatible with stand alone players when burned with DVDROM bitsetting.

Depends, if you get a really cheap quality manufacturer (ie Princo or G05 Ritek), you could easily end up having a disc become unreadable after only a year or two. I have even talked to some people who have lost entire spindles after only 9 months. @knockonwood, the reason why so many folks keep saying Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, is for the reasons you listed. There are so many variables with cheap quality media (ie Burner/Firmware revision) that it only makes sense to suggest the media that offers maximum compatibility. I agree that the price differential in some countries is a little more steep, but even so, it’s not like high quality media runs you $4-$5USD per disc anymore. Even in the UK, you can get Verbatim and TY for well under $1USD per disc for everything. Here in the US, the price margin between quality and shite is so small that it really isn’t worth it to take the gamble and bother with penny pinching. If you don’t mind the value line TY and potentially getting 4x media, you can easily get it for the same price or less than some of those cheaper quality brands recommended in the original post. Shop4tech regularly has them on sale for less than $28 shipped per 100 discs. Just enter in the coupon code: CS10. I would trust them before any Taiwanese made media (barring MCC Verbatim).
Even the gauranteed 8x premium TY DVD-R from costs under $40 shipped per 100 discs. So after adding all of that up and factoring in taxes and gas prices, it still isn’t leaving you with much of a savings, just much more of a gamble. The difference is small enough that if you get burned on a spindle of cheap quality media, you have lost all potential savings between cheap media and high quality media. There are a bunch of variables that are still there to be listed (ie applications, how many different DVD Players you have tried playing them on), but we could go on for hours. The bottom line is that in most circumstances, cheap quality media simply isn’t practical these days.

Only time will tell if the Media is good, that goes for CDs and DVDs.
Ever heard of the problem PDO had with their early CDs?
After a year or so the silver discs would turn a nice rusty brown colour and eventually the discs would start jumping and eventually not play at all.
The company from Blackburn, Lancashire, England did replace all my Cds with no problems.

It is a strong possibility. I was sceptical about such assertions at first, but when you see it with your own eyes…

I’ve bought cheap media, and 2 years on they’re still fine.

I’ve used cheap media, and 2 months on they’re showing severe signs of going bad (Ritek G05)

I’ve bought cheap media, and 2 WEEKS later the discs would not play.

I try not to take the risk any more. I’d rather pay a little extra and get discs I know will last. I’ve just bought 400 Verbatim (TY) -R from SVP.


I have LG GSA-4082B. I know that all officially supported medias can be found from the manual, but what about those like Samsung, Bulkpaq, Sony or Memorex? I don’t want to buy discs that won’t burn with my device anymore. Sureness is the best.

In a year or to we will have a good idea of how long different DVDs will last based on media ID. Then we will know if “cheap media” is worth anything. Since most of my TY and MCC cost around 30 cents each I am already happy.

In a year or two we will have a good idea of how long different DVDs will last based on media ID. Then we will know if “cheap media” is worth anything. Since most of my TY and MCC cost around 30 cents each I am already happy.

Well sure, that’s like saying that in two years he can check his own discs and if they are still holding up, that his discs just lasted two years. If they are holding up after a couple of years, they could end up only lasting a few months more, or a few decades more. Obviously if they go a couple of years with little change, it’s a very good sign, but the adhesives could still fail soon thereafter, UV light can degrade the dye, humidity level fluctuations or storage conditions can cause warping, jitter levels may continue to elevate to the point of unreadable discs (even with low PIF levels I’ve had discs that were unreable from jitter alone), etc.

I’ve used a lot of different media types, from TY to very cheap Chinese media. I have lots of generic chinese media (Infosmart media codes, Anwell, ‘Media ID’, Longten, etc) that I burned more than 2 years ago that has not degraded at all, while some of my supposedly better media (Ritek G03) has degraded greatly. I also have old CMC R01 2.4x burns that burned with PIF totals around 100-300, they have not degraded at all after more than two years, despite them supposedly being junk according to self-proclaimed experts. While the cheap chinese media didn’t burn great initially as some Ritek had, it has remained stable. But then others have had no problems with Ritek G03 degrading, it’s impossible to say with any certainty what the future holds with anyone’s discs.

Do your best to get the best initial burn quality out of your discs, test them after burning, and take proper care and storage of the discs. Some media is much more sensitive to improper storage conditions, but if you store your discs properly all but the most notoriously troublesome discs (Ritek G05? Princo?) will likely hold up for several years at the least.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. There is currently a scientific study ongoing to determine the actual life of individual media, based on media codes. When the results are released they hope to have a rating system which can be used to assess the useful life.

That is what the link point to.

Not all media will last the same amount of time even with a decent burn and careful storage. When the results of this testing are out, we will then be able to determine the real cost of cheap media.

Yes it looks like I misunderstood what your point was. I just checked your link and they speak about publishing their findings in June of 2003, but where it goes from there and what their finding were/are is unknown.

I’m just thowing my two cents into the discussion here. Before I came across this forum, I was happy to buy the cheapest media I could find in my local electronic store. The ones I bought for over a year were GQ brand media. They were always on sale, and I happily bought them. After reading all the comments here, I went back to these old burns, and I was horrified at the quality scans. :eek: I have spent the last two months re-burning my movie collection using TY media on all. I still use GQ but to give to friends and family only. For archival purposes, the money I saved on cheap media is not worth the time I had to spend re-burning them and the security of knowing my collection is safe for many years.

yea, i need to do more reading of the FAQs and STICKIES.

how about methods of storage.

i’m using one of those 250 size binders that holds FOUR dvds per page (made out of clear plastic). they are the cheap kind ($9) at

think they will scratch significantly when taken out and put back in?

I would have to agree with 98Bird. I have been using so called cheap cmc, infome, sdk, and optodiscs for years without problems. I have some theories as to why people think that TY, MCC, and TDKs are so highly desired. First off lets talk about the old generation of cheap dvds. The TY, MCC, and TDKs cost much more than those so call el cheapo made in taiwan discs so people are more likely to take care of it (such as putting it in a cd case or a binder) whereas the cheap discs we just toss around or stack on spindles so they are more likely to get damaged. Secondly manufacturer of dvd writers rarely have write strategies for those cheap discs a few years back. Manufacturers of dvd writers often have a list of "approved discs " and the cheap discs more often than not are not on the list, thus their writing quality will be compromised. If we have quality scan back then I am pretty sure the scans will come out horrible the moment they are written and not a year or two after as we are led to believe. Now let us go to the current generations of cheap dvds. Admittedly they don’t have the 98% quality scan of the TY, or MCC but they do play without problems. If this isn’t the case then how can people reburn those cheap dvds if they can’t read from them. I have a few first generation princo dvd-r and khypermedia that I kept in cd cases because they are 4 bucks a pop back then and they all play back fine.