Cheap Media - Cons?



I have backed up several movies on AN31 DVD-Rs that all seem to work fine. They play without any problems on my Apex AD-5131 DVD Player as well as on my computer. Are there still negatives to using this cheap media?
What I mean is - will these backups still work in a few years? The DVDs that I burned using the same media a few months ago still play fine.

What about the crappy DVD+RWs media code INFODISCA10 that I’m using for hard drive dumps (not for important backups)? Will those still work in a few years? Why would using more expensive media be better when the DVDs I’m using now appear to work fine.



Who knows, but if youre using cheap crap like AN31 dont expect it to last the tests of time, i certainly wouldnt trust it.


alot of cheap discs will play fine today, but will be dead within a year

i wouldn’t use cheap media for anything

it is just a waste of time and money

the materials are very cheap and they are manufactured very cheaply so they just don’t last


Yup, that is what error rate scans help to predict. Which DVD Writer do you have BTW Jman999?


With some cheap media, you can see the debonding line around the center of the hub. I’ve seen this with cheap, pressed media, too.


I’m using an NEC 2500A burner flashed with Herrie’s DL Burning Firmware.
I think I just might order that 100 pack of Ty for important stuff. Either that or trip to Best Buy.



Garbage in = Garbage out.

But you’re lucky that you have an NEC drive - nothing else currently comes close in terms of compatibility with cheap media.