Cheap MCC media that ships international



Hi all,

i started to look for media for the dvd writer i’m getting tomorrow.
here in italy, media costs a lot…
i want verbatim, which are th best (MCC codes)… i found one who sells single +R 4x disk at 2.10 euro, another place spindle of 25 for 49 euro…

quick check on the internet, i found german site that sells spindle of 25 for 34 euro…

so, anyone knows shops (prefer european [german, french, near italy]) that sells good media for good price?



You could check

I recently bought a spindle of 8X -R Verbatim verbatim from them and haven’t had the problems reported on other threads with Taiwanese MCC.

Don’t buy too cheap with Verbatim. You’d be likely to get the CMC manufactured stuff although the media code is still MCC.

They also have a new range of TDK for very decent prices.