Cheap Jewel cases

Can cheap jewel cases damage CDs? Not by scratches, but can they like “corrode” the plastic of CDs?

Plastic is effected by temp and direct sunlight, with resonable care they sould be fine.

Ok then, I just bought these cheap 4/$1 cases that seem to be made from recycled or some cheaper plastic. So I was concerned that it might have some kind of debris that can go onto the CDs and spread to other CDs like virus when they share the same disk drive.

So basically with buying Jewel cases and wallets you can just go for the cheapest one that’s available right?

I have nearly 1200 DVDs in slim jewel cases, 200+ in full jewel cases and about 1000 in cake boxes. all have been ok now for over 6 years. Poor handling more of a problem than type of case.

So is it possible to have one CD that is a bit dusty and when it’s wiped (but not perfectly, still tiny remains on them) and placed into the drive, then it contaminates the drive then it scratches ever disk that gets put into the drive? So you basically have to like clean the drive tray every time after you put in an old cd?

It’s not the type of case, it’s their quality. On closer inspection they seem to be made from cheaper plastic (recycled?), because their surface have artifacts on them. So they still couldn’t kill all of my CDs right? (not directly, but through the “virus spread” theory that I mentioned.)

I’m just very careful. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: Nevermind, I’m going to get better cases. Just don’t trust these cheap ones.