Cheap inkjet printer for printing on DVD media? (was: Best DL disc?)

Hey iam in the market for a very good quality dual layer disc that will burn movie up to 7GB…iam currently using the one by mitsubishi…its pretty decent enough. Now iam wondering if they sell DL in lightscribe?? Otherwise a recommendation of a good quality one would be good. I dont mind the burn speed cuz i will just leave my comp on

Hey i am thinking about purchasing it here:

Problem is…i dont know what injet printable mean and i am currently using DVD+R DL is DVD-R DL any difference?

Verbatim is the way to go for DL at the moment, IMO. :slight_smile:

Is there any forum that tells me what injet printable is/how to i print a picture o not the disc?

Inkjet printable discs are discs that are printed on with an inkjet printer (one the prints discs, Epson and Canon make a few models).

If you just want to write on them with a Sharpie, that’s fine.

Also…take a look at the threads in the CD & DVD Printers and Labeling Forum for some info. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks
What do you think about these:

I have a Canon Pixmap MP110…is hat injet printable?? ALso i went to a supermarket they sold this cd/dvd labelling thing and when u read on the back it uses a printer or something, also comes with a program, is that also injet printable?

Gathering from that forum…i need an injet printer. I dont know how much they cost (probably a lot :frowning: )…but is there anyway to print it onto my cd without an injet printer?

The Verbs in your link look good, although I never used that site, being in the UK.

And yep, you’ll need an inkject printer - and it must say that it prints to disc. :wink:

If you want good quality prints on your discs with colours, a disc-capable inkjet printer is a must. Other than drives that print onto discs (Lightscribe, labelflash - no colours BTW), it’s the only way I can think of to get pics onto your disc.


Whats the cheapest disc-capable inkjet printer?? Something that is decent in black and colour disc printing and good quality (slow speed is OK)

Epson are pretty well priced over here at least. Can’t name any models off the top of my head, since I don’t own one. :slight_smile:

This thread has become all about printers and printing on inkjet printable media.

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Yeah thats fine thanks

Pardon the noob whats a Shapie? Whats the difference between a printer.

The reason why iam reluctant to ge ta new printer is that i’ve already got a printer…

A Sharpie is a very common (in the US at least) permanent marker pen, that can be used for writing on stuff such as CDs and DVDs.

So in a way it’s a very simple and cheap alternative to a printer! :wink:

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i cant beleivei have to buy a printer to useinjet…blah maybe i find one aroud $150 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey i’ve decided to get an epson.w.hats a decent mdoel/good price?

I believe the only printers sold in the US that will print on CD/DVD are the Epsons. I have the R220. The R320 and R340 will also do it, but they cost more. I don’t know any advantage of the R300 series except they print faster.

I think the R220, R320 and R340 all have the improved CD tray.

You can get them new on eBay for almost nothing. I paid $81 including shipping for mine and it included the six ink cartridges. Epson wants almost that much just for the ink cartridges, although I think I bought my second set of cartridges for around $60.

If you buy on eBay, watch out for the crooks. If it doesn’t come with ink cartridges then you are getting ripped off. You need to look carefully at the listings. Some specifically list the ink cartridges. Some say NIB (new in box) and say the box hasn’t been opened which should also mean the cartridges are included because Epson ships the cartridges in the box.

If it just says NIB you’d better e-mail the seller.

Some don’t say anything about ink and some say in very fine print that they don’t include the ink. Avoid these like the plague.

If you’ve never had an Epson, you have to be aware of the ink situation. If you are not careful, the inkjets will plug up. It wastes a lot of ink to unplug them. If they get plugged bad enough, you toss the printer in the dumpster.

Rule number one: Always shut off the printer when finished printing by using the power button on top of the printer. This is the only way to get the stoopid printer to cap the inkjet heads and keep them from drying out.

Rule number two: Re-read rule number one.

If you keep your printer for a while, you will pay considerably more for ink than you paid for the printer. Well I’ve had mine 6 months and I just started using my second set of ink. I would still be on the first set if I had read the manual (or rule number one :slight_smile: ) I don’t do much printing though.

It took a little while to learn to like mine. It’s not something you can just set on the shelf and forget about for months until you want to use it. But I don’t regret buying it.

Actually when I think of the quality color prints, not to mention text documents, etc., that we can get from various inkjet printers including this “free” one, I’m amazed and awed.

Now also looking at the latest canon.

People are on about generic inks and stuff and iam still confused…any sites that has infos on these?

if you are talking about refillable inks and CIS (continuous ink system)/CFS (continuous flow system), you might want to try this website:

do a search and you’ll find plenty of info over there. instead of posting the same answers here again, you’ll find my responses over there, too.

happy hunting.