CHEAP GOOD home CDRburning Ritek or TY?



Need to do 1000 units on an 8 unit burner… thx


Hmm well I’m not sure what an “8 unit burner” is but I would recommend Taiyo Yuden CD-R over the Ritek CD-R. :wink:


An 8 unit burner is just a tower with nothing but 8 burners in.


Well he should have said 8 unit duplicator then.


Hardly average for a “home” user to have a 8 drive duplicator (or the need for one), let alone have to make 1000 copies of something.

Not that I’m implying any legally dubious intent of course :wink: .

And yes, if I could afford it 1000 TY media would probably do you better than Ritek (less complaints of failures from your customers…errr I mean the 1000 friends and family members the copies are destined for). :bigsmile: