Cheap good DVD writer w/o riplock?

What’s a good, cheap, DVD-RW drive that doesn’t come with riplock? I don’t want to use hacked firmware.


Pick any two.

If I must… cheap and correct.

I believe the lite-on 1633s has what they have dubbed “Smart-X” technology, which automatically automatically adjusts depending on what it thinks you’re doing. So if you are ripping then it speeds up, but if watching a DVD is slows the disc down for quiet operation. I should try this on my new 1633S…

If you can find older lite-ons like the 832s, 812s, etc, they also support it and will cost you less. Check out this list for more info.

Mind you, your computer seems to be pretty old, so in this case I think the ripping speed would not be limited by the drive.

Thanks for the info. The computer I have in my sig is a joke. That’s not my real computer. I’m getting a burner for my dad’s computer. He doesn’t need top of the line.

I don’t wanna look for “old” models. Are there new ones that don’t come with riplock?

The only one I know of would be any one of the 16x3S series from LiteOn. I know that NEC, BenQ, and Pioneer all have riplocks. Unsure about Samsung, Toshiba, or LG.