Cheap dvd ram media

panasonic dvd ram media for as little as $2 a disk at the panasonic website. just join the panasonic club and get free shipping and 10% off. Best deal I’ve found so far on dvd ram media for dvd recorder.

those are MIJ, awesome

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Interesting. It took about 60 seconds to join the “club”, and then I ordered qty 3 of 3 pack DVD-RAM discs for $2.99 per three pack. Free ground shipping, sales tax of $0.73, grand total of $9.70 for 9 DVD-RAM discs. When they don’t specify the speed, what is the minimum speed for DVD-RAM discs?

ON EDIT: I did not see any 12x DVD-RAM media there, which I would like to get my hands on a small quantity thereof.

They’ll be 2x (with verification that’s closer to about 1.2x). You can also get 15 packs of 3x for $20, and 3 packs of 5x for about $8 (that’s what I bought a couple months back). A spindle of 25 3x for $30 as well if you need a lot. There are no plans for selling 12x DVD-RAM media in the U.S. so you aren’t going to find it sold anywhere in the U.S. anytime soon, if ever. :frowning:


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Here’s the link for ya Mike.

I have been using this Panasonic site for my RAM for a while now and it is very high quality. Most of what I get is the 3X. Remember to NOT use it in any way in an LG drive if you ever want to use it in a stand alone recorder.

Here’s the message I got when I just tried to join Club Panasonic and order:

                 [b]We are currently unable to process any online orders at this time.[/b]                     

                 [b]Store is closed for maintenance.  :([/b]

You can also keep an eye out in Kmart for Maxell DVD-RAM’s in clearance.

These were <$5.00 for five and they are Made in Japan


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