Cheap DVD-R Drives

Hi Peeps,

I want to buy a DVD-R burner and i’ve noticed a few cheap (sub A$500) drives appearing on the scene here in OZ. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the quality or whether they are just re-badged Pioneer drives? Here are the models:

ASUS 0402P
LG 4020B

Thanks to anyone who replies


Get the Sony,come what may youll 'be prepared

Thnx and I realise the SONY covers all bases however my XBOX likes DVD-R discs and so i’m loathed to spend extra money on a dual chipset that i’m not gonna use. The only other purpose for this unit would be archiving. Futhermore i can get cheap DVD-R media and +R still seems to be expensive…

Anyway back to my original question does anyone have any thoughts re those 3 drives. Oh and i can get a Pioneer 4X for not much more is that worth the extra?

Thanx again

Well,my friend,based on the situation you describe,maybe the Pioneer’s your best bet. It uses the cheap blanks,it’s own price is economical,and it works with the Xbox. I’d say Pio’ all the way… :cool: