Cheap DVD+R DLs

Hi all, has a good price on Memorex 8x DVD+R DL disc 50-packs. They are $35.59 with free shipping. That works out to 71 cents per disc!

The cheapest DL disks are made by Verbatim, since they actually work. [B]Every day[/B] we get people reporting failures of these “cheap” Memorex DL disks. And even those that burn successfully I wouldn’t trust for long time storage.

These disks are no bargain at any price.

Your point is well taken. I had a Sony DRU-510A drive that used to make repeated coasters out of these discs. 1 (or more) of every 3 would fail. Since then I’ve bought a Samsung SH-S223Q and I haven’t had one disc fail in over 500 discs burned.

I’m not saying that these discs are great (definitely not saying that), but from my end it definitely appears to have been my burner.

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The 510A didn’t support 8x DL media.The first drive to support 8x writing was…well, the DRU-810A and I know the DRU-800A/720A had limited or no support for the most recommended Verbatim [MKM 003] 8x DL media. Here, it was definitely a drive issue.

When using these Memorex discs, keep an eye on playback compatibility with other devices, and if you have any issues, try the Verbatim discs as a first step in troubleshooting. [If you ever must trust some [I]important[/I] data to a DL disc, trust it to Verbatim media. A better initial burn and a slightly longer lifespan work WONDERS in drives with poor reading capabilities].

[Yes, I have tried a few non-Verbatim discs. They worked, but I wouldn’t be able to recommend them for anything important…so I don’t. :bigsmile:]

Last time I checked these were Ritek DL discs and yeah their results are all over the place. Given the fact that you can purchase Verbatim DL discs pretty regularly for $1.20 a disc or less I still have a hard time justifying questionable quality DL discs. These days a 71 cent per disc coaster is just too expensive and if you get stuck with a bunch of them that either don’t work or have burn issues then it really compounds the problem.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2307280]The cheapest DL disks are made by Verbatim, since they actually work.[/QUOTE]