Cheap DVD+R DL in Europe?

Does it exist? This is the best deal I’ve found:
DVD+R 8.5GB RICOH/240Min/2.4x Cakebox (10) :confused: :eek: :Z

There’s really no such thing as cheap DL media. Here in the states we can get 10 packs of Verbatim DVD+RDL for about $20, which is $2/disc,still about 5x the amount of single-layer discs. Not sure what that translates into as Euros.

Geez, here in Italy I find Verbatim DVD+R DLs at about € 5 each! :eek: And € 3.50 for Ricoh.
You lucky americans! :wink:


your OS-mediatrade price is good for Ricoh, but keep in mind that some users have problems burning them (they use a particular manifacturing process, called “inverse stack”). However, they burn quite nicely on my Plextor 716. :wink:


Here in the UK,cheapest i have seen works out at about £1.50 sterling per disc,comes in tubs of 10.

DL media not the cheapest way to go in europe.
The only source i know for the best deal with Verbatim DL is this here 10pcs for
31.50 eur

And honestly, I would stick with Verbatim. It may be more expensive but it is FAR more consitant than any other D/L media out there. I’ve heard that Ricoh isn’t too bad but as mentioned above there are still some mixed results with it.

Definetely, yes!